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    Dag Nasty

    As someone who got NO END of stick for loving the Field Day album I find it amusing that it's kinda popular now...
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    Thumped Kru Choonz.

    For the first time in... Many years....I've produced/co-written and released a new song. I figured a few people here would like to know.
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    moan, moan, moan

    I don't boss anyone. I will probably doing most of the work and have repeatedly given more than was fair to people I work with, frankly. I am also the one that put in all the work to get the thing in the first place. I am honest upfront and no one is forced to do anything. And finally...
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    forthcoming film trailers

    The comedy in this looks good-ish, but the CGI - especially the raging Hulk - look very cheesy. Still, it looks better than the new Justice League trailer, which is basically a bunch of CGI enhanced characters leaping about cartoonishly.
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    Wow, I have just discovered...

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    Miscellaneous Articles You Should Read

    This is probably why: "Put a flower in the top of a gun / Put confetti in an atomic bomb / It’s time for change / We’ve seen enough / Instead of war we’re declaring love.” Like, that's trite. And cheesy. But beyond than that, music is more a commodity than its been since maybe the 50s. Weird...
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    moan, moan, moan

    Is it possible to know who Jandek is AND diss him? If you've gone that far down the rabbit hole...
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    moan, moan, moan

    Well, I haven't spoken to the singer in over a year... I mean who knows... but...
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    Is this really the future of the music business?

    I gotta say no. There's always been weird outliers, but MOST people are getting successful the same way as they have for decades. Cash dumps, kickbacks, payola and the radio.
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    moan, moan, moan

    Oh one more thing, before anyone runs off and tells people to contact me or anything: this is NOT a band. I can help the project play live in lots of ways, but I won't be touring around Irelands most famous shit holes again. Don't get me wrong, that's fun, but I'm done with that.
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    moan, moan, moan

    Well, feel ABSOLUTELY free to give me details. With the caveats I just mentioned to hermie. People want the good shit w/o the work. ;)
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    moan, moan, moan

    Well if you wanna PM some names/contact details I'll hit them up... I need someone that would be dedicated though... like meeting every week, spending hours a week, no shortcuts or bullshit.... and of course they'd have to commit for... well. How long is a piece of string... I mean, assuming it...
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    moan, moan, moan