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    [Oct 30, 2015] PIG & DAN: HALLOWEEN BLOODBATH // MELODIC & TECHNO & CANS. (Hangar)

    MELODIC & TECHNO + CANS PRESENTS: PIG & DAN HALLOWEEN BLOODBATH Hangar - October 30th 10:30pm €10/12/15 =============================== ** ADVANCE AVAILABLE TICKETS VIA RA NOW ** €10 CHEAPLIST for the next 100 people to write "PIG & DAN...
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    [Sep 11, 2015] Melodic Presents: Marcus Worgull [Innervisions] (Hangar)

    It's with great pleasure we kick off our Autumn / Winter schedule of International Guests with one of favourite DJ's / Producers of the past couple of years - we've being trying to tie this gig for a while and we can't think of anywhere better for it than the surrounds of Hangar...
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    [Nov 7, 2014] Pod & Melodic Present: Kolsch [DJ Set] - The Button Factory... (The Button Factory)

    Danish producer Rune Reilly KÖLSCH (aka ENUR / Rune RK) has announced his return to our shores on FRIDAY 7TH NOVEMBER, when he’ll play one of his world-renowned DJ sets at THE BUTTON FACTORY, Dublin. A long-time master and innovator on the techno scene, KÖLSCH reached global notoriety with...