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    Maintenance Grants

    Was in the same situation five years ago. Having lived outside Ireland for a couple of years I returned to go to university as a mature student. Even with a child to support I got no maintenence during a four year degree (just fees) whilst other students in my class who lived at home got full...
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    70's MOR radio rock

    Don't hate Chicago man, they have some awesome songs. Like this tune YouTube- Chicago - Saturday in the Park Would the Db's fit on this list? maybe they are more power pop and this is actually from the early 80's, but anyways worth a post YouTube- RETURN TO COMBOLAND - THE dB's - Judy-LIVE at...
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    green porno with isabella rossellini

    That fly one reminded me of the obsession with poo on the Swedish kids tv show. This one is on quite a bit. Title is translated as 'give me your poo' Mad yokes
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    Recommend me some movies yall!

    The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans! A dvdrip is out on the warez forums. I thought it was pretty deadly.
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    BP Fallon is a wanker

    What 'bout ye!!
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    Just eating some toated sourdough bread from my first home made loaf. Good buzz growing the starter, anyone else try it? Damn it feels good to be a baker .|..|
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    The Corner

    It's pretty easy to find on warez sites if u have a rapidshare account.
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    The Corner

    Great show and book. Keep a peep out for the real Fran, working at the desk in the detox clinic. Also, lil bit of trivia, the real DeAndre played Brother Mouzones bodyguard in The Wire, which is kind of a spoiler, sorry!
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    MJ appreciation thread.

    Ah yeah I hear ya, it's not the best. Sounds a wee bit better on 12" when I'm drunk though! These two are better ones off that Pulse album Probably sound terrible to all bar me though, I usually stand alone with my love for these tunes! Apologies for the off topicness...
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    MJ appreciation thread.

    Haha, I love that shit!
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    MJ appreciation thread.

    Check the choir on this banger MJ, Michael McDonald, Stevie Wonder, Dionne Warwick and Lionel Ritchie amongst others YouTube - Donna Summer w Quincy,MJackson,Stevie,Dionne,Lionel etc
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    MJ appreciation thread.

    Say Say Say is such a great song. One of my faves featuring MJ. This song was meant intended to be on Thriller, never made it and Philligaines, who played keyboard with Jackson and Toto did his own version for Pulse, whih is worth a listen. Great song anyways YouTube - Greg Phillinganes "...
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    films you've walked out of

    I would have walked out of that Sigur Ros film, but I fell asleep before I had a chance to.
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    michael jackson auction

    just wire up a motion sensor to a piezo. :rolleyes:
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    thanks pete. i had been looking at this one bit cheaper, and the only difference i notice is the lack of firewire, which i don't need. so you reckon its worth a go?