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    LIVE! Fixing live threads that aren't live at all

    You sure it works?
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    LIVE! Fixing live threads that aren't live at all

    had to reset my password... kept telling me it was too weak... you're too weak pete, f*** you
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    Rejected Records Discography?

    Any way to get torrents or downloads of these out of print releases?
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    current places to gig in ireland

    this could do with an update or two...
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    AC/DC - Thunderstruck

    itunes... Or any torrent site...
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    Hot Colossus April 5/6th

    deadly poster
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    Anybody up for starting a noisy garage punk band?

    i'm interested in this on guitar or bass. also just in general would love to see this band get it together
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    USB headphones

    you can buy a USB sound card (the size of a dongle) which will give you headphone and mic ports, they are about a tenner. it will reroute from the original damaged ports and wont go to the speakers, that way you can use normal headphones
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    Where did I take this photo?

    Wilson Arch, Utah google images lets you upload a pic and find similar...
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    Gigs wanted.

    exactly. i've also been in bands called Pokeurmom and Chasing Amy so i know a bit about shit band names but i'm only teasing, at least they aren't called U2 or Green Day
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    Gigs wanted.

    that is the shittest band name i have ever laid eyes upon, i hope i go to the grave never having heard what noise you make
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    Squire Mascis JM

    sorry for the double post but here it is for under €400 on thomann
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    Squire Mascis JM

    i'd buy that, at least it has the classic bridge and pick ups.
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    Any list of Journos that review records?

    hotpress yearbook has lists of all that stuff
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    I thought the record industry was on its knees?

    clearly the path paved with gold is getting your tshirt on Fair City