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    Happy Birthday, kavanelli

    Cheers guys, haven't been on here in a while. Got an email saying I was mentioned so out of pure narcissism I had to see. Sorry for neglecting my Thumped Family,
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    Recently Purchased

    A couple of Gomez songs appeared in the suggested songs thing on Spotify the other week which made me listen to that album again.
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    Recently Purchased

    I was down in Cork for work last week and dropped into Bunker Records and bought a couple of records. Field Music - Field Music (debut, LP) on blue vinyl The Specials - The Specials (debut, LP)
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    Slayer splitting up

    My first listen to them was for the Thumped Album Club. And although I was never really into metal I enjoyed Reign in Blood
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    Prince RIP

    Heard a story that the people in charge of Prince's Estate have said that there are no normal clothes in his home. No casual clothes, Just his flamboyant outfits. It make me think of the Dave Chappelle Prince sketch of him playing basketball in full Prince garb.
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    Major Pleasures

    Rediscovering This Morning with Richard not Judy on You Tube.
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    Major Pleasures

    Now my comment about the comment about me has made the thumped weekly mailout. Mind blown
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    Oh my god....

    when I was a kids the books always had the pig with a basket. he was off buy.
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    Oh my god....

    So the line this little piggy had roast beef Is that pig being fattened for the Market?
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    Middle aged pleasures

    A slow cooker
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    Major Pleasures

    I kind of made it into the weekly mailout also. Comment about not by me. I'll take that.
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    Recently Purchased

    Wings the band the Beatles could have been.
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    Recently Purchased

    Wings - Band on the Run (Vinyl)
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    Minor complaints thread

    Cobblestones my dodgy ankle cannot cope when I have to walk on them.
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    Happy Birthday to kavanelli.