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    The Confessions thread

    I often get Helen Mirren as a.... "you know who you look like..." I often wonder if they mean when she was my age or now. Either way, it's a compliment.
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    I have the horn for...

    Both these men; Arkin for the laughs and his voice and Douglas's recent scruffy ex-professor look he has going on in this show.
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    Clothes and haircuts

    I wish I listened to myself! Since this post, I got short fringe and chopped off my hair and I hate it. I look like Emo Philips with bright white hair.
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    What Book Did You Read Last Night???

    Weird, I will need to go back. I'm listening.
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    What movie did you watch last night?

    My favourite contemporary director. Noah Baumbach. Edited to add: I saw the Irishman. Meh. So many things bothered me about it, I could rant for hours. The only stand out thing, for me, was Joe Pesci, only because for once he wasn't playing Joe Pesci.
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    Where's the laughing emoji?
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    What Book Did You Read Last Night???

    Update: Finally started this today, on chapter 3 and I have laughed A LOT. Her descriptions of certain people are so spot on (being of the same age) and living in a near by city. However it annoys me that she said she was born in 1973 but turned 25 in 2000, that doesn't add up. How did no one...
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    Minor complaints thread

    The descriptive adjective "tasty" to describe anything other than food or drink.
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    Halloween 2019

    I have just been watching the bats for the last 10 minutes, like in a trance.
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    Minor complaints thread

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    Clothes and haircuts

    I went back to fringe last month and it's already annoying in my eyes. If you have thick hair where fringe stays in place, I say go for it. If it's thin like mine and just splits anyway, don't bother. IMHO
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    Your work situation

    Yeah, you want to buy it? ;)
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    Minor Pleasures

    I would totally do this, the locals would be so confused.
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    Minor Pleasures

    Oh, it's a fabulous location and I love my home but I've no life here.
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    Minor Pleasures

    Ah, yes. She took a full time day job about two years ago now. She still lives in the apartment next door and is the only thing keeping me sane.