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    Is there some kind of omerta about asking this question, or answering it? (Or was it that no-one noticed I posted it?)
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    What happens if a person might have any software that they might have *ahem* ...borrowed? I haven't done an OS upgrade on a Mac before. I'm scared. If I just upgrade will everything still work, even stupid cracked Photoshop and the like? Asking... for a friend... of course...
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    HTC Wildfire S

    The staff in phone shops get commissions for sales. They're paid to persuade on-the-fence customers to go with phone X over phone Y. They lie.
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    HTC Wildfire S

    Have you tried throwing it in the Liffey and buying an iPhone instead? Apple are pricks but they know how to make a decent fucking phone.
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    Why Israel and not Iran represents the greatest threat to world peace.

    Oh boy! Burn! You really handed me my ass on a plate right there! I'd better just resign from the internet! Right now!
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    REM Split

    No, you're thinking of The Sidewinder Greenswimming My Religion, Kenneth
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    So restless leg syndrome is a thing here now too?

    Insert drummer joke here
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    The Queen

    This thread's gonna run and run!
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    The Queen

    I think he's suggesting that enough Socialist Worker ranting (beginner's level) will stop the Queen from having tea here. Or something.
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    The Queen

    Yeah man, totally.
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    Oh yeah. Poor old Switzerland.
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    Poor old Estonia
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    Celtic Punk?

    Celtic punk is horrible music. Worse than Jamiroquai, even.
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    Those two questions actually have the same answer, but they don't like to talk about it.