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    The Redneck Manifesto - Thirtysixstrings (2001)

    Is there a download somewhere or are you supposed to find it yourself?
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    The best gig ever to take place in Ireland ever

    I emigrated a long time ago so the gigs I went to (mostly in the '80s) are distant memories. I've been to a few shows on visits home over the years, but I think the best gig I ever attended in Dublin was without a shadow of a doubt The Prisoners in the Buttery in Trinity around 1984. I saw them...
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    Wally Cassidy's book launch last night

    This doesn't seem to have received much publicity. Looks like a fantastic book. More details here: Wally Cassidy | Street Photography | The other half lives - Upcoming
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    1984 Irish punk 'scene' report. Nazi bands and Skinhead gangs?

    The zine archive on the operation phoenix site is a great resource. A similar online archive for Irish fanzines would be very welcome, especially the older ones which are hard to track down . . . I wish I could say I have a large pile of old zines waiting to be scanned but I don't, just a few...