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    Fuck. That looks awful.
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    Fontaines DC

    Interestingly also, according to this, both the main band members are 1.91 metres tall.
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    Fontaines DC

    Was pretty sure that the two guys from The Script were from The Liberties but I now go and look at Wikipedia and see that ... "Danny O'Donoghue was born in Dublin, Ireland, to Shay O'Donoghue, a member of the band The Dreams, and Ailish O'Donoghue. He is the youngest of six children and was...
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    Fontaines DC

    True. But it's hilarious using that as some sort of signifier of "authentic" working-class cred. Isn't it the case that the only high-profile Irish band who can actually credibly make this claim are The Script? And Imelda May.
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    What gig did you go to last night?

    The GBV one was pre-recorded too. It does seem like a bit of a "cheat" for that reason but on the other hand it means it can be filmed/edited properly and the sound mixed properly afterwards too. There were little filmed inserts at various points as well. I mean it's really an entirely new...
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    What television series are you currently making your way through?

    Caught most of this. It's fantastic. Afterwards I found myself thinking ... "say what you like about Trump, he hasn't yet started an unnecessary war that resulted in over half a million deaths and the destruction of an entire country". This should probably be in the Unpopular Opinions thread.
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    Maybe both. I've seen really cool ones that have a skull with an anchor stuck through it. I want something really creative like that.
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    Mid-life crisis. It's cheaper than a motorbike, y'know?
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    I actually love that programme. Some guy has a tattoo of something stupid on his dick and they “fix” it by turning his entire groin area into a picture of a lion or something.
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    TryTattoo Fixers?
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    No, that was amazing information. Can you send me a photo of her tattoo?
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    Anyone got recommendations for tattooists in Dublin? I'm thinking of getting inked ...
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    I'm going to buy a record player...................

    White Rego looks lovely. I have a black one .. prefer the white I think
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    What movie did you watch last night?

    I enjoyed this. Good exercise in how to make a weird sci-fi film with no budget. Watched Something In The Air last night. Oliver Assayas movie about high-school/student radicals in post-68 Paris. Very hazy and nostalgic in spite of some heavy-duty violence and protest. Deadly soundtrack. Good...
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    Irish Times Best 50 Irish albums of all time

    Yeah where the fuck was Spanish Train on that list? Was De Burgh excluded because he was born in Argentina. Sake.