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    Selling on Discogs - any advice?

    Nice to hear. Still a good advertisement for record shops all in all.
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    The 'Bands I don't Get' thread

    I sort of like how unashamedly teenager-y he is. Although that's also the worst thing about him when he doesn't get it right.
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    Minor complaints thread

    Three drinks and half a bottle of wine and grand :cool: If I just had 3 drinks but slept a bit worse I'd probably be dying as well.
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    Things I should have known before now...

    Does Elvis Costello still live here?
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    General election 2020

    I don't think you have to be too politically astute to see that. Leo Varadkar said pretty much that in a statement at the start of the week. The problem for FFG is if neither of them go into government with SF the shinners are very unlikely to be able to form a government anyway. But if they...
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    Why men behave like pigs

    Which is more prevalent, to have issues with groups of lads egging each other on or the lone wolf when he thinks no-one else is looking?
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    General election 2020
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    Ian William Craig (Fatcat/Recital) + Rachael Lavelle @ The Sound House

    Anyone see him the last time? I wanted to go but missed it.
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    Wire - 154 (1979)

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    Why men behave like pigs

    I think our group of lads were a bit like that (@ernesto can either confirm or deny this), apart from being ghetto kids! But it was much commented upon by those on the outside looking in and not always in a positive light. Sure you and your mates are basically wimmin. I remember a friend of a...
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    What movie did you watch last night?

    Was that the mother?
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    Celebrity Creeps Thread

    It would be sort of fitting if all that MC Hammer money went to a rape victim. Sorry, I really shouldn't jest.
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    What movie did you watch last night?

    Yeah it's amazing. Wasn't it the opposite the last time a foreign language movie did really well at the Oscars? Roberto Benigni won the acting gong but Shakespeare in Love took Best Picture. Although hopefully between this and Roma last year this is the way of the future.
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    2020 albums worth a listen...

    It's a pity the launch is the same night as Richard Dawson.
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    What gig did you go to last night?

    Great venue, deadly city. Need to organise another visit.