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    Giving up the smokes

    Fucking amazing. Thats a great buzz
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    Wow flashback,the first replacement speaker I ever bought was a fane. I got it in Pat Dolans for my Vox Venue 100 that I blew playing a gig on the back of a lorry in Donnycarney
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    Something I havent really developed an ear for yet is different speakers. I havent owned enough different ones really so don't have the experience. Obviously I can tell a shit one from a good one..but the nuances between good ones are harder for me to pick up on Thats a lovely box you built there
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    2021 tunes worth a listen...

    Brilliant video! I like the tune too
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    Hmmm. I've no real use for humbuckers I don't play with much gain anymore. Still cool though!
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    Holy fuck yes :cool:
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    Thread for wacky shit.
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    2018 albums worth a listen.....

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    Minor Musical Observations

    My excellent daughter hipped me to this track yesterday and I am H O O K E D on it New Mitski fan here. Never even heard of her ..pitchfork album of the year 2018 I don't read pitchfork. I've tried but I never find the music they champion that I happened to have checked out to be any use
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    Stupidly good guitar playing

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    The Thumped Motoring Forum

    I'm amazed at how slow my odometer is going up these days
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    bad reviews

    I heard that Only A Song song on the radio and thought Vans voice sounded remarkable for an auld lad. Remarkably good that is
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    The Non-Animated JPEG Thread

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    Coronavirus: Better Call Sol - CORONAMANIA

    Please show us some photos