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    What movie did you watch last night?

    I started watching this with my kid and it wasnt doing it for her so off it went. And on went Bone Tomahawk which was fucking brilliant But I'll be watching it and soon! I went to see Mindhorn in the cinema! I was on a big Isle Of MAn kick at the time so I loved it Watched Saturday Night...
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    Recommend me some Jazz

    Im really digging Oz Noy this week. Not many guitarists can get a decent sound out of a ring modulator
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    Stupidly good guitar playing

    Contains Greg Koch halfway through
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    Recommend me some Jazz

    Some very nice Dad shit
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    Can we have a night theme

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    Wow, I have just discovered...

    Martin Carthy ..brilliant!
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    I don't believe runners make a whole load of difference to knee trouble for me. I bought the most expensive Mizunos and made no difference,in fact they may well have exacerbated the problem because they are so comfortable and fancy you feel like running further! . Too much too soon is what fucks...
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    I need to get back out there! Don't have my runners with me ,wish I did
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    What gig did you go to last night?

    The name intrigued me so I looked at youtube and this song is absolutely fucking brilliant
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    Minor complaints thread

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    Minor Pleasures

    Modular Synthesis Expo in Berlin
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    Minor Pleasures

    My daughter had an excellent time at Superbooth 2019
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    tenor guitar

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    Bargains someone should buy.

    Youll need to move quiuck