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    The French

    File under dancing around your room to stoopid shit.
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    animated gif thread

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    Could Ireland host an ATP event?

    Yep, a criminal lawyer.
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    Could Ireland host an ATP event?

    Better call CinnamonBoy.
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    Spiritualized NCH Dublin. Ladies and gentlemen live August 10 2013

    I can't afford not to go this. I can't afford to go this. Fuck.
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    I haven't seen the latest episode of ________ yet.

    If you have a PS3, or Xbox, and I think it works on tablets and iPhones, you can get US Netflix by entering the following DNS numbers: Netflix US: DNS 1 - 173 - 58 - 107 - 53 DNS 2 - 158 - 255 - 215 - 175 There's a site, (Google Unblockus) that allows you to pick whatever Netflix region you...
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    Comprehensive List of Dublin City Centre Pubs Selling Toasties

    Fallon's do toasties, on batch loaf, brown or white bread, kudos. I haven't tried one, but batch loaf toasties are the biz. They also do Estrella gluten free at the same price as regular bottles of beer, anywhere I've seen gluten free beers they're more expensive. Estrella regular is a quality...
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    Music to have sex to

    There's a cream for that.
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    Barcelona Collapse

    They've gone off the boil at exactly the worst time possible. It seems to have coincided with Tito Vilanova being absent for cancer treatment, but I don't think that explains it. I've never seen Xavi making so many intercepted or bad passes, or Iniesta and Messi being so nullified as I have in...
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    The Ghost Of Piramida - Free Screening

    Balls, I read it here But I see it here now Would have went tonight, more so for my fascination with abandoned Soviet ghost cities. Tomorrow is Barcelona v Real Madrid, so that would have...
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    animated gif thread

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    The Ghost Of Piramida - Free Screening

    This looks very interesting, however, it's on tomorrow night.
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    Giving up the smokes

    I'd say to anyone trying to give them up, have a go with the electronic cigarettes. Been off them 4 months, bar the odd one when I'm locked, but I reckon that's acceptable. Was a 20 or 30 a day man since I was 13, the E Cigs did the trick. As an aside, I have 6 or 7 100 gramme tins of...
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    off the biscuits

    My first thought on clicking on this thread was off the disco biscuits. "I have some yokes, you want one?" "Nah mate, I'm off the biscuits."
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    Best double album ever?

    That's what I thought when I played it after I bought it. Maybe I'm a Philistine. I'm more inclined to think it's not great.