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    Jellyfish - Spilt Milk (1993)

    It's a quality album. The Glutton of Sympathy is a terrific song I go back to time and again. Can see why people would find them annoying and they're obviously derivative, but the craftsmanship of the album is something else.
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    B.Dolan - You Can Really Do This

    'I think as a white rapper I have a particularly unique responsibility, because of white privilege, white supremacy, the music industry and the history of black music in America' - Dave Donnelly talks art, activism, and growing up Irish-American with B.Dolan Read more...
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    God Is An Astronaut - I Guess It Was Just Too Different

    'I'm not interested in any of it anymore, as far as success is concerned. I just want to play music and see what happens' - Dave Donnelly talks to God Is An Astronaut's Torsten Kinsella. Continue reading...
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    Gemma Hayes - It Was A Good Pressure

    'If I tried to reach people solely on radio play, my music would never get heard' - Gemma Hayes talks crowdfunding, advertising and motherhood with Dave Donnelly Continue reading...
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    Shaun Ryder - There Were A Lot Of Nods And Winks

    'People really did think that my career was over, and it was great to keep our mouths shut and come back with a number one album' - Dave Donnelly chats with renowned Salford raconteur and bon vivant, Shaun Ryder Continue reading...
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    Sinéad O'Connor - It's Just The Sound Of A Person

    'I just love songs. I’m a hoor for songs' - Dave Donnelly talks romance, the stigma of mentall illness, and UFC with Sinéad O'Connor Continue reading...
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    We Cut Corners - Pop Music, Or Whatever You’d Call What We Do

    Ahead of their appearances at Indiependence & Castlepalooza last weekend, Dave Donnelly talked festivals, recording, and that difficult second album with John Duignan of We Cut Corners Continue reading...
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    League of Ireland - Do people here watch it?

    Rovers are hilarious this season. Croly seems to have bought into the idea that if you dominate the ball for 90 minutes that you'll score eventually, but any time a big game comes up he shits his pants and has the defenders lumping it. Either that, or the players just aren't mentally up to the...
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    The European Leagues 2013-14 Thread

    Ah no, you weren't being defensive at all, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't coming across as aggressive and pre-empt any misunderstanding before it happened. Like I said, I follow football at any level and am glad you support it at a local level too. Where is Villa playing for Atletico so...
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    League of Ireland - Do people here watch it?

    Anyone still following the league. God knows Shamrock Rovers are making it hard at the moment, but great to see a resurgent Dundalk making a real challenge.
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    The European Leagues 2013-14 Thread

    Haha, fair enough. I was being facetious but I wasn't having a go (am one of the aforementioned Shams, for the record). I do try and follow the Spanish and German leagues when I can but wasn't able to see any games this weekend.
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    The European Leagues 2013-14 Thread

    Does the League of Ireland count as a European league?