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    Torche & WOFTM This Wedneday (Aug 21)

    Not here according to this:
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    Bambi - Live @ the Mean Fiddler - Dublin 1998 - Full Show

    The final three 7"s are here: Bambi
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    ______sounds like.........______

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    Gummidge, The Whole Sick, Venus Sleeps - Thur 28/8

    FAO Gary, etc The Hut, Phibsborough, Dublin
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    Groom - I've Never Been In A Real Fight

    The Lower Deck, O’Connells, The Bleeding Horse, Cassidys, Anseo, Devitts, and finally chips in Burger Max.
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    If I owned a pub I would...

    ..become an alcoholic.
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    Longitude 2014

    I'd love to see Bonobo if it's a full band show. And if, say, Goat ended up on the bill for the same day, I'd be tempted. Maybe I'll be rich by then.
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    Moving back to Ireland

    There's good and bad shit everywhere. I love living in Dublin these days, I love our neighbourhood, and I'm excited for our little one to grow up here. Bottom line, trust your instincts.
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    Sleep - Sleep's Holy Mountain

    I enjoy Roeder's drumming in Sleep and HOF are great, so hopefully this should be good. Al's current solo stuff is also pretty killer
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    Had a bad buzz on boards while looking for advice. Bunch of pricks.
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    animated gif thread

    Re: Russia... I prefer this one
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    House prices

    Right now we're seeing a seriously dysfunctional market being tightly manipulated and controlled by government and banks to suit their own interests. Plenty of advantages to ownership - irrespective of economics - like being able to fix issues properly, ability to do up a gaff nicely, long term...
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    Deals on strings?

    Super cheap unbranded strings here
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    Minor complaints thread

    Daughter has poo on her eyebrow