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    So this is pretty terrifying...

    Ahhh right, I getcha now... guitars that look like giant ears. That can hear the music you play and respond by dynamically changing its contours so it's easier to play. This is gonna be a game changer.
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    So this is pretty terrifying...

    I did? I said buy but of course you could get someone to make a one off guitar body with a saw or lathe or whatever, which isn't very different from getting one printed at a 3d printers. A 3d printed guitar would probably be mad heavy though, unless it was hollow in which case it would sound...
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    So this is pretty terrifying...

    Yeah but you could buy a crap guitar body made from wood rather than plastic instead...
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    So this is pretty terrifying...

    The guy that runs Defense Distributed, Cody Wilson, seems like an idiot. He describes himself as a crypto-anarchist... which is an offshoot of anarcho-capitalism.. which is a round about way of describing yourself as a complete tool.
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    Irish Metal band get write up on NPR

    Edit. MAybe I'll keep that to myself :) Anyway- I prefer their earlier stuff, obviously.
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    Valve economist talking about money or something.

    All the cash moneys gonna flow into Germany anyways, whichever way it all pans out. He works for Valve so he's definitely right.
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    wifi speakers

    Is there a (really) cheap set of speakers I could use to stream music from PC into another room? I'm gonna get a new motherboard soon and I want to get one that I can use my phone to control because that seems awesome.
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    Bored in Work 559

    It's grand until you realise they're on a FUCKING VERTICAL WALL OF ICE
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    Far Cry 3 for 11 year old

    It's pretty explicit. I murdered about eight people after a two day binge.
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    The Charlie Brooker Thread

    Soiler tags Bernie, for gods sake.
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    The Charlie Brooker Thread

    Bit of a twist there. I was getting slightly bored and expecting a fairly anodyne parody of modern cultural activities and then BAM. Right in the chops. It got fairly mental, fairly quickly. I don't know what to think now. That was upsetting.
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    Been looking forward to this one.... I'll give it a go over the weekend.
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    Bored in Work 553

    The black metal soundtrack is AWESOME
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    Minor complaints thread

    Oh fuck. That's my nightmare... commiserations.