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    seriously billy tell all the boys how cool i am
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    wouldnt mind licking under the boobs, all that sweat
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    cant access those damn sites in work so whos on for a date then?
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    no PMs terrible i tell thee and i couldnt date shrone, it is sick and wrong dating your twin brother
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    i only know about 5 people on this site and one of them i would be arrested for dating..... so tell me more about yourselves pm me for a dating experience
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    this is supposed to be serious gawd
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    Who's up for a Thumped Dating Site? You know I'm that desperate I'm sure there are others that desperate out there too
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    Earache and Smoke Alarm Help

    dont do what phoebe did in friends, you'll get a hunky fireman at your door is there a reset switch?
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    is genovia not the place from the princess diaries?
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    Rome / Siena

    Anyone give me a cheap good place to stay at end of August in both places? Cheers
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    fish market? cheap fish?

    Stoop your head in skerries and the purty kitchen in dun laoghaire do good chowders and sea food
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    Girls Whats the Closest you've ever come to cutting off someones willy?

    or anything else in trying to remove a man's pride and joy?
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    Donal Gannon - Remembered

    Here's to my Dad 2 years today!
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    unwanted contact with ex's

    definitely the legal route, do not contact him anymore or reply to anything he sends keep a record of everything and get a solicitor or a guard involved crazy flamin nut job
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    Respect for the dead?

    well you're all dead to me and i know i dont fucking respect any of you... (besides keith talent of course)