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    Bored in Work 999

    Maybe they should have thrown their shit at her to see if she'd eat it
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    Hellworld Thread

    A likely story!!
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    Minor complaints thread

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    forthcoming film trailers

    "Hey did you guys ever see that film The Matrix? How about if we just do that, but again?"
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    Thumped album club

    What's an album?
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    Hellworld Thread

    We sure are
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    Minor complaints thread

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    Hellworld Thread

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    Coronavirus: Better Call Sol - CORONAMANIA

    Gotta practice somewhere
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    Can't verify but can say a couple of mates of mine are on apprenticeships and they get full wage for them alright
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    People Who Died

    No, but I definitely think he was a rapist
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    Hellworld Thread

    Perhaps they could make some show of solidarity for him, I dunno, like march on the government buildings there or something
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    Coronavirus: Better Call Sol - CORONAMANIA

    What's the problem, he's just letting you all know the real truth? Jim Corr told me so anyway.
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    Hopeworld Thread

    Californian towns have apparently had very good success with using goats to graze 'firebreaks' for them. I was talking to one of the Howth firefighters during the Summer one evening as they were coming back from it, and he was saying that the biggest problem they have up there is just trying to...