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    Please tell me a joke!

    Why couldn't Helen Keller drive? Because she's a woman.
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    'Shock Me'

    Has anyone seen May?
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    New Don Cab

    I've been listening to this album for the past few months, I really like it. It's alot like the older stuff like don cab 2, only it's a bit heavier. The drums aren't as technical but still as solid as ever. I emailed them during the summer to see if they were coming to ireland for the european...
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    Happy Birthday to conmac on 10th October 2006

    Indeed, I'm looking forward to Comets On Fire, and getting horribly drunk. I'm so freakin' old :(
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    Transformers the NEW Movie

    I'd spend all my time playing with the robosapien. I want one so bad.
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    Tiger Woods 07

    is it true that it doesn't have caddy tips and you can only judge your putting by the grid on the green?
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    Transformers the NEW Movie

    the pics in empire look like concept images to me. i wonder what the finished products will look like. I'm really looking forward to this, even if it turns out to be shit. I loved the ps2 game, it's the toughest game I've ever played. Jesus, imagine the amount of money they're going to make...
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    Channel 4 100 greatest cartoons

    Re: South Park Agreed, especially from season 5 onwards when it got more political and they introduced Jimmy, Timmy, Token (great name) and Butters. Also Duck Dodgers was great, Marvin The Martian didn't get a mention in the programme and he's one of my fav characters ever.
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    Art you like

    Kurt Wenner Perspective Genius, check out these chalk drawings on pavement.
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    Channel 4 100 greatest cartoons

    I'm surprised to see Legend Of The Overfiend in there too. Like it or not, it's one of those cartoons you have to say you've seen. Great animation all the same. I also noticed that there was no mention of speed racer.
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    Channel 4 100 greatest cartoons

    Anyone see it last night? It didn't have Ulysses 31, The Critic, Duckman or Ghost In The Shell, although it did have Legend Of The Overfiend (72) and Akira (16). No sign of Captain Planet either!
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    downloading movies and tv shows is a great site that searches all the main torrent sites for you with one click, it has tabs at the top of the screen much like firefox or the google bar. Limewire is great for music but you'd want a good anti-spyware program because you don't know exactly what you're...
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    Curb Your Enthusiasm thread

    Jeff: What's his name? Larry: I know his name. Jeff: You don't know his name. Larry: Yeah. Hey, asshole, I know his name. Jeff: You don't know his name. Larry: You wanna bet? Jeff: A hundred bucks. Larry: Okay, his name's B, uh, B-O-N-O. Jeff: You gotta pronounce it. Larry: Ha, I don't know how...
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    Todd Phillips was the original director but apparently he left because he felt it was anti-american. I think it was the 'We support your war of terror' scene that sparked it. High 5!