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    Greatest Fear Thread

    St. Peter judging me at the gates of heaven, based only on things I've done on teh internets, that he'll lol, and then say gtfo. Followed of course by eternal damnation, which is also quite bad. And all because I didn't take teh internets seriously enough. Sorry internets. And also; sorry...
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    animated gif thread

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    Bored in Work 505

    The most liked thing I've ever done on Thumped...jesus
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    Bored in Work 505

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    jinx lennon

    I also recommend it. I think it's deadly, baowss. And Nigerians is a deadly tune.
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    Happy Birthday I_is_John.

    gorillas mot as scare now.
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    Bored In Work 493

    Re: Bored In Work 492 1:53 I had to turn it off. The stegasaurus must be spinning in his grave.
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    Thumped misses... and needs..

    Oh, hi guys.
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    Jaysus cycling!

    emmm......I don't do that, it's not an efficient way to cycle. Unless I get off the saddle. But maybe I misunderstand and that just refers to penny farthings or something. But anyway yeah, I would have expected Dublin City Council to have some grasp of traffic law, and know that all those...
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    Liveline! Rubberbandits! Willie O'Dea! COMEDY GOLD

    Yerwan reckons Willie O'Dea has disgraced himself by defending two local creative entrepreneurs on liveline (like the gombeen politician he is, but fairplay to him like). I would have thought he disgraced himself when he knowingly lied on a sworn affadavit denying that he ever said his political...
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    Random Photos

    I've been off Flickr for months, and not it's all changed and I don't know how to link photo's anymore. Here's some links to pics if anyone's interested.... There's some really awesome photo's on this thread by the way.
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    Bored In Work 442

    Lord I'm hungry now....
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    Bored In Work 442

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    Fun things to do in London

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    Cute Lifestyles