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    Ampeg SVP pro all tube preamp + loads of other gear for sale:

    Equipment for sale: Ampeg svp pro all tube bass preamp (serviced & re-tubed) Crown xti 1000 power amp Korg dtr 2000 rack tuner Furman power conditioner 6U shock proof rack case Orange 4x12 flight case (will fit other cabs too) 19" Zildjian A custom crash (used for 18 half hour gigs) 20"...
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    Cider making

    I took the videos down from youtube as I was sick of getting emails from dumbass cunts asking questions that are easily answered with google. Problem with making cider from apples is this: The apple has to taste good to start with, which means you either have to buy them or you have access to...
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    Dylan Haskins running in the election

    i thought he was eddiegorrila? fair fucks to em anyway.
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    Bacchus: New song up...

    New track up from our forthcoming lp. “Parasite” is the second song on side A. The album was recorded at the Hive Studios with the James Eager.
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    Records for sale.

    HJERTESTOP - vi ses i helvede lp 10€ PLAGUE MASS - union of egoists lp 8€ DETESTATION – s/t lp 10€ 25e for the three???
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    DIY album release - anyone have recommendations for getting cd and vinyl pressed?

    Cheers for nice words! Yeah if ye need merch get in touch through Ive used mobineko for a cd release and found them brilliant and cheap too. For vinyl i know two irish labels who have used flight 13 and xvinylx for pressing. Our album will be going to flight 13 once...
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    Nuclear Winter Fest 2011

    Bacchus are playing on Saturday I think.
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    Best of 2010 awards.......

    Divisions Ruin, Tunguska, ...Sylvia Plath, Cut the Reins and probably more have all split up. Bacchus hardly played a gig in 2010. Pretty poor year for crusty hardcore imo. Been fuck all touring bands playing this stuff either.
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    Contacts for promotors wanted in england/scotland/wales Post on that forum. Its the UK version of here.
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    Bacchus + guests // Lower Deck // Fri 10th Dec:

    Cheers to everyone who came out & to all the bands for playing. 75 in the door so decent turnout in the end. Also big thanks to everyone who bought a poster or t-shirt or whatever. Back again in late spring with the album (fingers crossed)
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    Bacchus + guests // Lower Deck // Fri 10th Dec:

    Stage times for tomorrow night: Twisted Mass: 8.30 - 8.50 Crows: 9.05 - 09.25 Bang Bros: 9.40 - 10.00 Complan: 10.15 - 10.45 Trenches: 11.00 - 11.30 Bacchus: 11.45 - 12.20 7 euro in or 5 euro if yer coming from Godspeed or Chewing on Tinfoil.
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    Bacchus + guests // Lower Deck // Fri 10th Dec:

    Poster design by tiny little horse. There will be a few screen printed versions on sale for cheap at the gig. 7 buck in or a fiver in for anyone coming from Godspeed or Chewing on Tinfoil gigs. Just show me your stamp/ticket stub. Cant wait! Few new tunes for the punx!
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    that festive time.......

    I hear he's good with a carving knife :p
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    Bacchus + guests // Lower Deck // Fri 10th Dec:

    Its a Friday night too!
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    Bacchus + guests // Lower Deck // Fri 10th Dec:

    Line up confirmed: Bacchus Trenches Complan, Bang Bros, Crows, Twisted Mass Doors 8pm. Adm: 7 euro 5.00e in for anyone coming from the Godspeed gig. Artist Gavin Beattie is designing & screen printing a limited run of posters for the gig. I will post it soon...