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    The Non-Animated JPEG Thread

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    Minor complaints thread

    Tickets for Matilda in April 2018 by any chance?! PM sent :)
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    I want to choke your chicken - The Musical Slave

    A Norwegian girl comes to Dublin, buys a horse, keeps it in a stable in a lane in the Liberties, gets to know all the young fellas that hang out there, writes a song about it. :)
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    The Non-Animated JPEG Thread

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    Irish Web Awards 2008

    i presume both best music and discussion forum is to be submitted by all!?
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    It Never Even Entered My Mind

    funny times, i remember after a lower deck gig meeting ro and a gang of unknown to him fans drunkedly sang his whole album back to him...think he possibly was a little scared!.......! great album, thanks Mr.H
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    Bored in Work 321

    WTF? Q: I know that this may sound odd, but would you consider selling the dirt that was found in the pockets of the jeans? Jul-29-08 A: Sorry, but when I turned the pockets inside out to see if their was a stamp inside the pocket as requested by a previous question, the dirt...
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    Help with some Gaeilge

    or; Go raibh mile maith agaibh go leir! emphaszing the all of ye bit
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    Bored in Work 321

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    Bored In Work 320

    spare €890?
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    musicky jokes

    "have ya ever heard of the frames?" -"yeah i saw em once supporting the doors" sorry
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    Bored in Work 317
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    InfluencesAll Sorts Of Music! Damien Rice, - yes he is my cousin and yes he is great guy! ...
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    Ripping entire cd collection...

    cheers bhoar....thanks for the advice...great to find you here, after seeing your advice/expertise on just this evening!..."burnadette" my new purchase is in transit to me as we type for others who want to rip shed loads of cds without huge cost perhaps you should look at the...
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    'Oxegen' bus catches fire on Dublin's M50 just feel sorry for any of you comuting folk....