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    It's the Friday 80s Pop song thread

    I was also surprised it sold so many copies. It reached position 16 in the German charts and 6 in the Austrian. I'm not sure if that clip is actually the official video.
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    It's the Friday 80s Pop song thread

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    Just A Blip

    The embedded player works fine for me in Chrome. I tend to use the Mixcloud app on my phone and just search for the title. The one annoying restriction with both the browser and the app is that the jump backwards function is disabled in the basic version.
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    Minor complaints thread

    Yeah. I've had Aer Lingus do this to me multiple times recently. I think, due to a lack of passengers, they are packing all their flights into one early morning flight. And probably the early morning airport slot is the cheapest.
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    UK Garage, My Arse!

    Ah ok. I'm probably thinking of Ian then. The reason I ask is that he looked very like a lad I went to school with in Cork, even in his mannerisms. And I always wondered whether it was indeed him or someone else who looked exactly like him.
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    UK Garage, My Arse!

    Was he a small guy with very short blond hair and glasses?
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    2020-21 Football thread

    Apart from the couple of chances, Germany were pretty dreadful though. I think Kimmich should have been playing alongside Goretzka in the middle. Loew was worried about the right back position but it was too much of a price to pay to lose one of the best midfielders in the world. In the form...
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    Most annoying Commentator

    I loved this too. It was indeed on the Monday night. They used to have extended highlights of the main game of the week and then they'd fly through the goals from the other matches and then show the table. Growing up watching long-ball football on muddy pitches in England, there was something...
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    Most annoying Commentator

    Ray Houghton's favourite phrase is "get it down the wing and get crosses into the box". He says it about 10 times every game. If he was a manager, his team talk would just be "get it down the wing and get crosses into the box".
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    Just A Blip

    I've been working my way backwards through the shows. So much wonderful stuff I've never heard before. Kudos for finding all this great music and arranging it into a whole that makes sense. It's clear a lot of thought and effort is put in.
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    What Book Did You Read Last Night???

    I just finished "Angst" by Zweig and really enjoyed it. It's about the psychological state of a married woman afraid that her affair will be revealed. It's a very short novel. I had the same experience as you - I tried one of the longer works and quickly lost interest. But this was short and snappy.
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    US Election 2016

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    The friday 'GOT ANY Eeeee?' Thread

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    Anyone using Forum Runner or Tapatalk apps?

    It's working fine thanks!