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    Star Trek Picard

    Ah fuck, throwing the jump leads on oul Data just when a good healthy insular fear of AI was brewing.
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    Minor complaints thread

    Most people will be aware of stuff up to 16khz while not hearing it totally. In audition you can highlight and delete something like that pretty easy rather than eq it. Lots of devices have a frequency in them that is used for functions to reference off, like drills often have a 4k that they...
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    Upcoming Gigs of Interest

    Shirt arent kiss just Alice Cooper in high heels?
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    Upcoming Gigs of Interest

    If they have this funfair style drum rig it might be worth it
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    What gig did you go to last night?

    Pillow Queens / The Claque Missed the Claque unfortunately Pillow Queens probably one of the most important bands in the country at the minute, place was packed, great vibe.
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    Major Complaints Thread

    Well I have trigiminal neuralgia. (right) I also have post herpetic neuralgia. (left) My shoulder (left) is out of shape from a crash as is my hip. (left) My ACL is damaged from being hit with a hammer. (left) I go every two weeks from october to march and she just works on whichever of the...
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    Bored In Work 888

    Were they not paying to be scared anyways.
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    Upcoming Gigs of Interest

    yeah if they play the super early stuff before they became musicians i'll say i think its cool
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    Tin Machine - Tin Machine (1989)

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    Minor Pleasures

    Further details. I actually already have one, but need one for decorating houses. I have a hygrometer already. This is literally for watching paint dry.
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    Little White Lies

    Wow Jonah didn't have to be male long to start exerting unwarranted privilege. Golf later?
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    Minor Pleasures

    Went to leave some furniture at the charity store, scored a dehumidifier for almost nothing.
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    What Twitter pile on are you watching right now

    I'm not sure i've ever tried to read something that went more over my head.
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    Upcoming Gigs of Interest

    The slipknot gig needs an old guy tier where you can just come for one pint and then go to another gig thats better after 20 minutes.
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    What Twitter pile on are you watching right now

    I'm at the point where I see Gemma as someone who is having a very public mental health episode and is sorrounded by both (supporters) (people who need a figurehead and would never step out of line on thier own rep) and obviously a lot of detractors which is probably sincerely isolating and just...