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    Racism in Ireland
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    This materialized wayyy too soon.
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    Racism in Ireland

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    Racism in Ireland

    RTE 2019: Basically second only to the healy rays and Enda kenny for no-show politics while claiming the highest expenses. A man swinging in the dark trying to use anger to take the attention off him not doing his job.
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    Ask Thumped...

    Distrokid is throwing some tax stuff at me that is away above my head, being a long term subject of the socialist republic of IRL. It wants these things. What are these things (i know the date of birth):
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    Racism in Ireland

    Hyped for 'he tells it like it is' season. I wonder if anyone about here can deal with that. I suspect not. Politics here is mostly road offs.
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    Racism in Ireland

    So far as I can see he has nothing left to offer as a politician and is trying to get through the next election on anger and hatred like some dinosaur from the troubles. A lot of people around this area are disgusted but he might just have riled a big enough mob to coast through on empty hatred.
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    Minor complaints thread

    for reference
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    Major Pleasures

    Conggrts!! Also saw on insta but was waiting for the official thumped announcement :) Lovely news!!
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    What gig did you go to last night?

    Is that something to do with those OTO idiots?
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    Minor complaints thread

    yes but they are still metal
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    Minor Pleasures

    Was babysitting the small relative and they are very good on the trampoline. Anywhoo they were having a tantrum of sorts and ran the length of the room (full length bottom floor of town house), used the trampoline to volley onto the couch directly into the sulk position in one completely fluid...
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    Nick Cave at the 3Arena

    Terminator Dark Fate is screening in Tel Aviv.
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    the RTE thread

    I keep telling people that the audience from the gay byrne thing are the people who will survive the RTE cuts.
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    I agree.