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    Minor complaints thread

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    Fuck Twitter

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    Fuck Twitter

    I nuked my account a year or two ago and started afresh, and it still manages to sneak crap into my TL.
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    Eurovision 2022

    Didn't know about the prop malfunctions Thought most of the finalists were drab enough ballads. Couldn't remember much of the tunes minutes after it ended. In terms of something that went on cultural queueues and was actually a bit of a show I was going with Spain. Serbia was a cool art type...
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    The Cooking Thread

    It's not something i know a lot about but i had a bit of a dig about reading there and the general consensus i found was that rinsing pasta is for cold salads, and the starch is useful for sticking the sauce to the pasta in a hot dish so you shouldn't rinse so i'll probably stick with it...
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    The Cooking Thread

    This is good info, i'll probably move towards this once i'm over the line with getting 7 days ahead on dinners.
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    The Cooking Thread

    I went reading about the starch factor and from what i could find, if you can keep the pasta al dente you'll be kinda bypassing the starch leeching into the sauce. entirely because they were what i had i used lentil pasta this time. Essentially pasta could go in 8 mins before serving/boxing and...
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    The Cooking Thread

    Yeah Cooking for myself, bean post and UTM generally. 3 in the freezer straight away - it's a small one and the rating was something like 2kg/24hours so putting them all in at once really would wear it down (those ikea glass boxes are over 500g on their own) so they cool to room temperature...
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    Happy Birthday, JohnnyRaz

    HB all the same!
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    The Cooking Thread

    Road tested this today with a quasi italian style meatball thing. I don't think i'll ever do it the other/old way again. Meanwhile in bactch cooking news\. 2pm to 5pm today, chicken casserole themed thing in the oven, ^^the above meatball thing in a saucepan. Meat dishes are more expensive so...
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    The Thumped Motoring Forum

    He built a house out of shipping containers and steel and i followed that. The one where he gets the rocks blown up is good. Lot of more 'here's a digger' stuff that is ignorable enough. Good for zoning out to though.
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    Bored in Work 1035

    yeah i backsearched the name and found one that worked ftw.
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    Northern Ireland

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    The Thumped Motoring Forum

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    Minor Pleasures

    really looks like,cult%20film%20Withnail%20and%20I.