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    The History of Punk

    This dude is weird as fuck. And plus, UK punk is better than US punk.
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    What IS the most derided subgenre of punk?

    Jesus fuck, that steampunk thing leaves me speechless.
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    What IS the most derided subgenre of punk?

    CM Punk IS shit, a disgrace for Straight Edge, if other people weren't enough already. Anyway, 'celtic punk' takes my vote. Would include skacore/ska punk if it wasn't that I am guilty of having loved that stuff when I was 14.
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    GGI Line up

    Excellent line-up! Wouldn't mind heading to this. Just to start checking, is there anyone from Belfast going that would theoretically have a free space in their car?
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    Knifed - 'Kniferography' lps are here!!

    Just bought it today in Belfast and it's an absolute beauty!
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    5th nuclear winter fest!

    Fucking raging I wasn't there. So many bands I would have loved to see! How were Visceral Attack and Cut The Reins?
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    5th nuclear winter fest!

    Fuck hostels, just follow everyone to a party. And rest assured that there are going to be a few parties going on.
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    ScumFest 2010

    Holy balls! This looks very very interesting! It's on bloody stupid dates (ie. exam period). But it will be interesting to see who else gets added to the bill.
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    5th nuclear winter fest!

    Fucking flights back to Ireland from Poland being ridiculously expensive mean I will miss this. Proper bummer, hoped to make it an uniterrupted chain.
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    Cut The Reins

    As said elsewhere, this is already the worse news of 2010. Hopefully will manage to make it to the last gig in Galway.
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    5th nuclear winter fest!

    Jesus Christ! That is something I wish I had never seen, not only he is ginger but he is also a crossdresser. What next? Anyway, it looks hopeful that I might actually be there for the whole week-end if airlines don't horribly fuck up everything.
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    "F**k you" - unparliamentary language in the Dail

    Late pass, but always a pleasure to see this.
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    5th nuclear winter fest!

    Wha? Where the fuck are you going? Anyway, seems that afterall I might be back from Poland in time to be there at least on the sturday and sunday at least. Hopefully!
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    who'd have thought it?

    Wow, it must be a very slow day in the newsroom to really bother on this. They already tried to ban Buckfast time back but apparently there was something short of a popular uprising at such a proposal. Anyway, despite being sXe now, good times were had having a swally of Bucky. The bastard even...
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    win a mini for seomra spraoi

    Why would anyone in their sane mind want a Skoda?!