'Everything is rhythm, except when it isn't' - Chris Jones gets happily pummelled at Slint's Monday night Belfast gig
'like a black metal Morrissey, swaying to the music, pretending to conduct the band or using his mic stand like a prop, Alice Cooper style' - Chris Jones on Deafheaven's Sunday night Belfast gig with No Spill Blood
Midlake 'radiate a different kind of light' on their return to Cork, says Siobhán Kane
'At moments like these, the band absolutely soars' - Neill Dougan on The War On Drugs' recent Vicar Street gig
'so laid-back as to make Evan Dando look like an uptight control freak' - Neill Dougan on John Murry's gig in the Pepper Cannister Church on Sunday 23rd February
"Chris de Burgh? Albini's impression of Timo? You had to be there" - MacDara Conroy reports from Shellac's gig at Whelan's on 20th November
Sunday, 24 November 2013 22:10

Múm - The Button Factory, 19th November

'if you’re not into posting to Instagram constantly, you’re probably at the wrong show' - Dara Higgins on Múm's recent gig at The Button Factory
"The thought occurs that it’s an audacious move to casually throw out one of their biggest hits as a set opener, until you remember they have loads of them" says Neill Dougan of Blur's Royal Hospital gig last week.
'they somehow manage to evoke an air of intimate, quiet desperation, despite being in a big field' - Neill Dougan on Grizzly Bear's Iveagh Gardens gig last week.
'...everything just seems as sparkling and new as the shirt on Womack's back' - Siobhán Kane on Bobby Womack's recent gig at The Olympia Theatre.
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