Halves Give Away "Live At The Unitarian Church" LP

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    Halves Give Away "Live At The Unitarian Church" LP

    Since it's Christmas, Halves are giving away 500 downloads of their rather lovely LP Live At The Unitarian Church.

    Since we're very, very lazy, here's what we said about the album on its release back in April:

    The limited edition album comes on 180g vinyl and will be released by Hate Is The Enemy. It was recorded at their gig in the Dublin Unitarian Church (no, really) last December, and features the amazing Jennifer Evans on vocals, with strings provided by members of 3epkano

    The tracklist is a selection of songs taken from their first album 'It Goes, It Goes (Forever & Ever)' and their EPs:

    Blood Branches
    Haunt Me When I'm Drowsy
    May Your Enemies Never Find Happiness
    Darling, You'll Meet Your Maker
    Growing & Glow
    Tony Hart's Revenge Theme
    **Mountain Bell (Digital Download Bonus Track)

    For the non-freeloaders out there, the album is of course still available on vinyl from http://store.hiterecords.com.

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