'Everything is rhythm, except when it isn't' - Chris Jones gets happily pummelled at Slint's Monday night Belfast gig
'like a black metal Morrissey, swaying to the music, pretending to conduct the band or using his mic stand like a prop, Alice Cooper style' - Chris Jones on Deafheaven's Sunday night Belfast gig with No Spill Blood
Word from Young Hearts of two events they're hosting at next month's Dublin Fringe Festival
Monday, 18 August 2014 20:42

Into The Storm

'Too much talking, not enough twisters' - MacDara Conroy on found-footage disaster movie Into the Storm
Would you like to see them live? You would? Then read on...
Seven Quarters is back in Whelan's for a third turn on Saturday September 13th with TWINKRANES and Halves on stage and vinyl
Sunday, 17 August 2014 20:55

Badself - The Three Daughters of Mara

Billy Gannon checks out The Three Daughters of Mara, the debut LP from from ex-Bambi, ex-Future Kings Of Spain and former Black Triangle three piece, Badself
Black metal shoegazers Deafheaven hit Ireland this Sunday for a three-night stand with No Spill Blood
'I just love songs. I’m a hoor for songs' - Dave Donnelly talks romance, the stigma of mentall illness, and UFC with Sinéad O'Connor
Squarehead & Owensie play a fundraiser gig for the Middle East Children's Alliance in Whelan's tonight, Thursday 14th August
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