Thursday, 17 April 2014 12:21

John Power - Heartbreak And Jubilation

'The longer the journey continues the richer the past becomes' - Siobhán Kane talks to John Power of The La's & Cast who will be playing an acoustic Irish tour later this month
Thursday, 10 April 2014 22:54

The Space Lady - In Many A Euphoric Dream

'I could hardly bear to think of all the years I had spent on the street in what now seemed to have been a 20-year exercise in futility' - Siobhán Kane talks to The Space Lady, Susan Dietrich who plays Pacinos tonight
'It always feels a bit like plugging in to an electrical socket: you get simultaneously charged, but also slightly frazzled' - Siobhán Kane spoke with Julia Kent, who plays Cork's Triskel Arts Centre & Dublin's Odessa Club this weekend
'I think some people sit down and they intend to write a song. I just sit down when the song tells me to write a song' - Dave Donnelly spoke with John Murry ahead of his short Irish tour this weekend.
"People will do whatever they feel like doing I suppose....others will do what they're told' - Siobhán Kane spoke with Frank Fairfield ahead of his Irish gigs this week
"We asked to be misunderstood from day one so nothing has changed there" - Niall McGuirk talks to New Model Army's Justin Sullivan.
Niall McGuirk talks punk, reunions and Top Of The Pops with John Reis, aka Rocket From The Crypt frontman Speedo.
Dave Donnelly talks to God Is An Astronaut's Torsten Kinsella ahead of their Dublin & Belfast gigs this weekend.
'This is our music, it's us, 100% naked' - Luc Hess and Jona Nido of Coilguns talk to MacDara Conroy ahead of their four-date Irish tour next week
'It's not three musicians and a dancer, it's four musicians and one of them happens to be playing feet' - This Is How We Fly's Caomhín O'Raghallaigh speaks to Ian Maleney ahead of their album launch this Friday.
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