Exchange Dublin: First Gig Announced

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    [UPDATED - Moved To Project Arts Centre] Details of the first gig at Exchange Dublin have been announced - Heathers, Spoonboy, Ran & Crayonsmith are all to play.
    [UPDATED: This gig will now take place in The Project Arts Centre!

    Details of the first gig at Exchange Dublin have been announced - Heathers, Spoonboy, Ran & Crayonsmith will play on Friday August 28th. The gig will run from 6pm-10pm and is all ages.

    Exchange Dublin” is both a statement of intent and an invitation to the city.Exchange Dublin is a new collective arts centre in Temple Bar, Dublin run entirely by young people and holding discussions, gigs, visual arts and performance. Most projects originate from the autonomous “Exchange Groups” that use the space as a hub for their activity. Representatives from these groups form the general Exchange Dublin Collective that programmes and coordinates events in the space. All work is voluntary and no one is paid.

    Exchange Dublin is a non-alcohol space and events are open to people of all ages.

    Throughout the twentieth century and into the first decade of the twenty-first, from our universities to our communities and workplaces, a culture of competition has created a society of isolated individuals. We find it difficult to understand our neighbours and our purpose. Exchange Dublin creates a common public space for cross-disciplinary awareness, conversation and action. Dublin is full of pockets of creative young people, some of whom are aware of each other but have no platform to engage with each other or their city. This space is intended to provide an infrastructure for inquiry, discourse and collaboration as an antidote to some of these problems.

    This is a space for new ideas.
    This is a space for connections.
    This is a space for action.

    You can keep up with developments on the Exchange Dublin Facebook page.

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