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Monday, 13 February 2012 22:40

Field Music – Plumb

"...there's no air of a grand statement or desire to show off, just a band eager to give full flight to their many ideas."
Wednesday, 02 December 2009 22:07

Forza 3 (XBOX360)

Vroom Vroom. Crash bang wallop. There you have the sum experience of my previous dalliances with the Forza series, racing sims that were utterly beautiful to look at, but for those weaned on a diet of Burnouts and PGRs, intensely difficult and frustrating.
Wednesday, 02 December 2009 22:04

Sam and Max – Beyond Space and Time (XBOX360)

The Xbox 360 conversion of Telltale games latest Sam and Max collection of adventure is with us, but who exactly is it for?