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Dara Higgins

Dara Thomas Diplah Higgins has been part of the musical scene in Dublin since making his live debut, as a drummer, in 1989 at the Corey Feldmanesque age of 15. Since then he's played bass and whatnot for various bands, most notably The Jimmy Cake, whilst lending his bulk onstage, television and radio to other acts, among them Jape, Nina Hynes, Katell Keineg, Mark Geary, Tychonaut, Carol Keogh, Lisa Hannigan, Damo Suzuki, Iva Bitova, Glen Hansard, Liam O' Maonlai, Ann Scott, The Walls, Uptown Raquet Club, Donal Dineen and so forth, while prostituting his studio skillz to Martin A. Egan, Daniel Figgis, Jeff Martin et cetera. There was also the one rehearsal with The Bastard Sons of Boris Karloff, that deserves a mention. Clearly we are not defined by our words, nor indeed actions, but by our associations with those more famous than ourselves. It's the modern way.

Dave Donnelly

Dave Donnelly is a freelance music louse existing on the calloused underbelly of the Irish music scene. Following six years as editor of Sputnikmusic, he currently sells his soul to the Irish Sun, Allmusic, AU Magazine, State and just about anybody else who'll exchange cash for ice cool copy. Proud owner of a latent phobia for raw mushrooms.


Old, confused, likes to step in the way of youngsters.

Ian Maleney

Ian Maleney runs the record label Quarter Inch Collective and writes for just about anybody who will have him. He is a biscuit connoisseur and believes in the healing power of a strong cup of tea.

Jill Hives

Rockingchair critic & blagger.

MacDara Conroy

MacDara Conroy is still one of the top Google search results for 'MacDara'. He blogs intermittently at

Nay McArdle

Nay McArdle loves good music, books, films and debate. When not writing about herself in the third person she can usually be found tweeting from @uneamino. She’s spent the past five years working in the media as a photographer, journalist, blogger and professional gig-goer. Apparently her Irish music blog Harmless Noise is pretty good. She lives in Dublin heaven with two kids, two cats and far too many DVDs.

Social Profiles

Neill Dougan

Neill Dougan is originally from Co Antrim and writes about music. He is married to a woman who can rap along to the entirety of 'Ill Communication' by Beastie Boys when she's had a drink.

Siobhán Kane

Over the years Siobhán Kane has written for various publications on music and culture including The Irish Times, Thumped, The Quietus and The Event Guide. She occasionally contributes to radio,and amidst trying to write her doctorate and teaching, runs the collective Young Hearts Run Free, putting  music and literature events on in unusual spaces, raising money for the Simon Community in the process.

Thomas Parkes

Thomas Parkes is a musician/producer from Dublin. He is related to the man that played 'Doc' from fraggle rock, and once forgot how to write the letter K for a brief period in the year 1999.


Watchingcattle : Socially awkward jerk.