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Your blog.

Discussion in 'Home Publishing' started by Scientician 0.8, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. Scientician 0.8

    Scientician 0.8 Well-Known Member Contributor

    I know loads of yiz have blogs. Some of them are linked in your sigs etc. Who all does blogs here? Are they mainly music? Wobbler does a food blog. What other non-music blogs do yiz do?

  2. cephalopod

    cephalopod New Member

    My brother has a blog..www.onavery.blogspot.com

    I used to have one, but haven't updated it in 3 years, it's still out there somewhere
  3. Beak

    Beak Active Member

  4. johnnystress

    johnnystress Well-Known Member Supporter

  5. Kid Lovebeach

    Kid Lovebeach Well-Known Member

  6. paul-

    paul- New Member

    Mines here.
    Mainly art, design, fashion and occasionally some music.
  7. egg_

    egg_ Moderator Staff Member

  8. broken arm

    broken arm New Member

    i've started a research/general interest blog but I'm not totally sure about the purpose of it.

    I don't think I write well either..
  9. Jill Hives

    Jill Hives Once Removed Contributor

  10. chickenham

    chickenham Well-Known Member

  11. broken arm

    broken arm New Member

    "I consider the school of atheism that's popular at the moment to be an elitist dead-end for humanity"

    one of the more interesting posts.
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  12. billygannon

    billygannon Well-Known Member Contributor

  13. egg_

    egg_ Moderator Staff Member

    So ... you going to justify that bombshell dude? I don't know anything much about what's popular, but my school of atheism would be an inclusive starting point for a better future for humanity, if anyone cared enough

    We could take this to a different thread, perhaps?
  14. taubstumm

    taubstumm Well-Known Member

    egg_ unsheaths his mighty sword of atheist debating power
  15. killy kill

    killy kill (Retired)

    here, im goin to a gi in kopi and then trickster for some reading thing, wanna come*

    *slightly tipsy
  16. taubstumm

    taubstumm Well-Known Member

    picnic didn't happen, no?

    i gotta get some stuff finished, so probably staying in, but danke
  17. chickenham

    chickenham Well-Known Member

    Would you like to step outside and discuss this? :p
  18. chickenham

    chickenham Well-Known Member

    Srsly tho
    Some of my thoughts on the atheist / scientific absolutist standpoint are in my blog under the heading: I'm about ready for that kiss now explody,

    so load the cannon and prepare yr broadside; I'll see you in another life... I mean in another thread.
  19. Sweetie

    Sweetie New Member

    I have a newish blog. It's mainly photos that I've been gathering for a while. I really need a scanner for the photos that aren't digital but here's what I've got so far www.iheartdublin.blogspot.com
  20. Kid Lovebeach

    Kid Lovebeach Well-Known Member

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