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The Slane Girl Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by Scientician 0.8, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. scutter

    scutter BANNED for bein a prick Supporter

    all of my mates lost their virginity at Feile, up a laneway

  2. nooly

    nooly Well-Known Member

    sounds like quite a party
  3. scutter

    scutter BANNED for bein a prick Supporter

    yeah, pricks didn't invite me though :(
  4. ann post

    ann post Well-Known Member

  5. egg_

    egg_ Moderator Staff Member

    I'm glad there's a thread about this on thumped, where no one has to pretend to give a fuck
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  6. Lili Marlene

    Lili Marlene Well-Known Member Contributor Supporter

    My understanding of the 'debate' so far is that it's gone:

    1. "Look at this LOL"
    2. "omg whar a sluh - retweet"
    3. "We've all done worse, it just wasn't photographed and put on the internet #solidarity #feminism #doublestandards"
    4. Newspaper articles about TRIAL BY SOCIAL MEDIA

    Which feels like a retread of the same old thing.

    What might be worth looking at is the wider issue about adults interacting with teenagers, or more their inability to. In the past the interaction between adults and teenagers was much more divided, either physically in the real world or through groups of friends in myspace/bebo/facebook. Twitter, more than any other social site (of this size) is very open in allowing people of all ages to interact at each other. Since day one on twitter you've had hateful accounts who, for example, retweet a bunch of 12 year olds going 'what... titanic was a real thing' and we all have a good snigger at dem thick americanz. Sometimes it even makes a nice buzzfeed article, 7 Reasons why you should lose your faith in humanity or whatever.

    This fundamentally feels like a more controversial extension of that kind of thing; grown adults laughing at non-grownups making the same mistakes teenagers always make. Pretty much every person has said they've seen or done worse so why this is even news is beyond me except it's a bit of controversy and a chance to get a kick in at the youth.
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  7. egg_

    egg_ Moderator Staff Member

    That's a fucking great line
  8. egg_

    egg_ Moderator Staff Member

    The "we've all done worse" argument irritates me because it supposes this girl did something wrong. Fuck off, prudes

    edit: not aimed at you, Iisjohn <3
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  9. Lili Marlene

    Lili Marlene Well-Known Member Contributor Supporter

    Fair point but i think most people are using it to say that the girl ISN'T doing something wrong. Unless you want to assume we're all suffering from massive catholic guilt at all times.

    Uh.... which would probably be a fair assumption in this country.
  10. egg_

    egg_ Moderator Staff Member

    You're right, of course, but I think the way the argument is typically phrased perpetuates the notion that there is something immoral about sex.

    "Immoral" is such an out of date word, but it's the only one that seems to work here
  11. egg_

    egg_ Moderator Staff Member

    It's the same with drugs and booze - "the young people are going mental" "ah but sure we were worse back in the day (chuckle)"

    You weren't "worse", because being off your face is not "bad"
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  12. scutter

    scutter BANNED for bein a prick Supporter

    blow jobs weren't invented when I was 17
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  13. pete

    pete chronic procrastinator Staff Member

    I guess the young man involved is just lucky his face was obscured in the photo.
  14. washingcattle

    washingcattle Well-Known Member Contributor

    For me the main issues that people are missing yet again, are similar to what I was saying here


    1. Sexy food and all that...oh yes sell it to kids, sell them sexy hair care sexy Selena fucking Gomez and sexy Justin Beaver or whoever. But when it comes to actual sex our society is stuck in the fucking dark ages.

    Teenagers have sex. And it's not 90210 or fucking Skins sex it's usually dirty, dangerous, outdoor, behind a shopping centre, back of the bike shed, behind the football changing portacabin in the park sex. Because that's the only space they have to do it in.

    But no one wants to hear that. Even though most of them already fucking did it in their youth.

    2. I compared this to Monica Lewinski in another thread but in reality it's probably closer to the situation that Pamela Anderson found herself in 2005. She was a "public figure" who made the mistake of having sex in front of a camera for her own, or her husbands pleasure. It was stolen and suddenly it was everywhere.

    Right so, she had consentual sex with her husband ? Not a crime. but as soon as the world saw it the reaction was that a person in the public eye can't do such a thing and what a fool she was, she brought it on herself.

    Well now we're all in the public eye. We're all the papperazzi, we're all princess Diana and we're all chasing each other down the roads with long lenses. Not only that every smart arse photo or youtube clip we post of us "failing" or "winning" is an attempt at noteriety, we're still looking for our 15 minutes. And make no mistake unless the guy in the photo forced drugs and booze down her throat and held a gun to her head and forced his dick in there there really hasn't been a crime and this is simply her 15 minutes.

    3. We still don't know how to use the internet. The politicians of Ireland will use this as a reason to batter us into censorship. Using the old protection of children chestnut. But realistically there's no crime here.

    There sure as fuck is crime on the internet, mostly it's the rampant stealing that goes on and that crime is literally killing the music industry. And don't give me the old fuck Metalica attitude when it's the staff at HMV and Road records who actually bare the brunt of this rampant stealing.

    Image of what seems to be consentual sex ? Stop everything.

    Businesses collapsing because their sales are at rock bottom due to rampant piracy ? eh... well there's nothing you can do in that situation, we can't police everything, so carry on.

    It might sound like I'm not particularly sympathetic towards this young lady. That's not true. I am. She's young and she made a mistake, but the mistake wasn't giving head in what seems to be the jacks, her mistake was getting caught. And to be fair that's basically the only mistake that most of us ever made at her age. She doesn't deserve the abuse she's receiving.

    We are all public figures now, the standards by which Tom Cruise lives, the shady behind closed doors and a flock of lawyers life that he has is the only way you can stay off the internet. I don't even have a facebook account and in spite of all my attempts to stay away from it I'm on it, my face is on there because every single person I know is indoctinated into the "total coverage" society. I feel like every time I appear on facebook my privacy has been eroded a little, but try explaining that to anyone. If it takes something like this, or more likely a spate of incidents like this to change peoples attitude towards this then fine. It's unfortunate that it takes martyrs to achieve this but that's how it is.

    And like I said here


    It's a sad sad day for blowjobs.
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  15. hermie

    hermie Well-Known Member

    Hold on a sec, would we all be of the same opinion that this girl did nothing to rebuke? Don't get me wrong I abhor the furore and really feel for the poor girl but, call me a prude, I'm not sure I'd agree with that. For me it would be something on a par with defecating in the middle of Grafton St at Christmas. Hardly newsworthy but surely not to be endorsed either. And before anyone says anything, the blokes involved are just as (forgive me another word escapes me) bad.
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  16. nooly

    nooly Well-Known Member

    unless she was underage, either for having sex or being depicted in a photo having sex, which apparently she was (17?)

    so...there IS a crime here, possibly two crimes - statutory rape (if under 17) and distribution of child pornography (if under 18)
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  17. Lili Marlene

    Lili Marlene Well-Known Member Contributor Supporter

    My understanding is that she is/was 17 so yeah the photo would be illegal (people on broadsheet seemed to be getting into a tizzy about the ins and outs of whether or not this would be the case but i didn't read it all). I would assume every retweet would constitute a distribution charge if they wanted to get technical?

    While we're at it is there a public indecency kind of law in Ireland they'd be breaching by having sex in public?
  18. hermie

    hermie Well-Known Member

    So the blokes could be in trouble if they're over 18 then?
  19. nooly

    nooly Well-Known Member

    i'd imagine they are shitting themselves, if they haven't already been contacted by the guards
  20. hermie

    hermie Well-Known Member

    The law is very hazy when it comes to indecent exposure. But certainly it could be argued that, again, the blokes have committed an crime for nudity in relation to actions which may cause offence. The girl, assuming she kept her clothes on (I genuinely haven't been following it too closely), would not I don't think.
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