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the ryanair rant thread

Discussion in 'Travel' started by La La, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. La La

    La La i drink your milkshake

    i havent even done the trip yet and yet i know it's gonna frustrate the hell outta me.

    im using them for the last leg of my journey back to live in dublin again and instead of feeling elation and excitement when i got the confirmation email - i got a feeling of dread. because they are such little pricks, and i've never liked flying with them. like charging me heaps of GBP along the way for little things. i have to pay 15 quid for my snowboard to be put into the fucking plane!!!!!!1:mad:

    AND because im effectively leaving HK i will have HEAVY luggage. oasis will probably turn a blind eye and their limit is 23KG - but im fucked when it comes to taking the ryanair leg of the journey cos their max is 15KG.

    why oh why did i book with those cunts? i hate them.

    what started as a 24 pound flight home ended up costing me close to 80.


  2. Shaney

    Shaney Well-Known Member Supporter

    why didnt you book with another airline? im sure they'd all charge you for the snowboard...

    im going to newcastle with ryanair for the day tomorrow. i hate flying anyway, its all shit
  3. La La

    La La i drink your milkshake

    i would have gone home with aer lingus, but because oasishongkong fly into gatwick only, that was my only option. no way was i gonna do the transfer to heathrow and go from there - i just wanna get home asao after that long haul. ah it's my own fault i know - just annoying. anyway at least this thread can serve a purpose for all those who have a gripe with said airline :)
  4. Shaney

    Shaney Well-Known Member Supporter

    cool. i hate the way ryanair cabin crew say the word "fragrances" - makes my blood boil every time. stupid sky shopping
  5. broken arm

    broken arm New Member

  6. Mormon Nailer

    Mormon Nailer Well-Known Member

    All airlines charge for Snnowboards and Golf clubs and such like so it seems unfair to get mad at Ryanair for charging you for the same thing.

    I :heart: Ryanair.

    It really baffles me why people get so worked up about them. They are clear and upfront about everything. It's a bus with wings, nothing more. if you expect something different you'll always be cranky and disapointed. However if you accept that fact then you realise Ryanair is a beautiful thing - air travel shorn of the bullshit and nonsense.

    Just remember the rule:

    Arrive late: tough shit
    Need to make a tight connection: not our problem
    I'm an important person: no youre not - queue like everybody else.
    want something: Pay us first.

    I've been all over Europe with Ryanair - something which would heve been almost impossible before they arrived - I remember a time when if a family member died in the UK it was a big deal to get to the funeral - now it's cheaper than getting to Dublin.
  7. magicbastarder

    magicbastarder Well-Known Member

    i know someone who had to pay €20 extra handling charge for a guitar when buying his tickets, and was just told to take it on as hand luggage when he arrived at the airport.

    i know another guy whose mother fell on her recently operated on hip while waiting to board, and ryanair refused to get a wheelchair for her. it was an aer lingus employee who fetched her one, despite the fact that she was not flying with them.

    i just don't fly with them.
  8. La La

    La La i drink your milkshake

    i know i know - i know what it's like and i know that no frills doesn't necessarily mean no stress. (and actually i've flown with several airlines before that charge nothing for carrying a snowboard).

    im just having a moan because
    -even though it's 'cheap' - it always works out costing a helluva lot more ;)
    -it's monday
    -every so often there's a thread about ryanair

  9. Shaney

    Shaney Well-Known Member Supporter

    this thread is for dissing ryanair
  10. broken arm

    broken arm New Member

    My gripes aren't with the service but I get annoyed at O'Leary and his stupid face. Ryanair expects everyone (regulators etc.) to fall at their feet and then take out pathetic full page ads in the UK press to whine when they don't get their way. It's like a business run by inbreds. They didn't invent the business model so they can't take credit for that.
  11. broken arm

    broken arm New Member

    My other issue with Ryanair is that I can't help feel my low cost ticket has supported the exploitation of staff, other customers (see example of old lady without wheelchair), the environment and my sanity.
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  12. RSJ

    RSJ Well-Known Member

    The brother came down with pneumonia while we were in london for a night. The hospital didn't want to let him out but he didn't want to sit in a london hospital for a week. They told us to alert the airline to his illness and to enquire if there was special oxegen on board (planes use thin air or something, i dunno) and ask if he could skip the huge ques as he was pretty weak. The ryanair desk laughed at the inquiry about oxegen and got narky at the request to help us through customs.
  13. Mormon Nailer

    Mormon Nailer Well-Known Member

    How come people tike Magner are McManus deified while they hide behind tax non resident status and at the same time O'Leary, who pays millions in PAYE/PRSI and IT every year is always seen as vulgar and brash.

    I know who the better citizen is in my estimation.

    And why do people always trot out the "they didn't invent the model" line. why is that relevant? It always strikes me as some kind of "thats not so big - anyone could have come up with that" jealousy thing.
  14. broken arm

    broken arm New Member

    tax evasion is one thing. being a knobhead is another. :) I agreed with Michael Meacher when he said Ryanair were the "irresponsible face of capitalism" - The issue is more than you getting your cheap flight and ryanair being like baseline legal by paying taxes.

    anyway their profit growth is slowing....
  15. Mormon Nailer

    Mormon Nailer Well-Known Member

  16. hugh

    hugh Well-Known Member

    Typical. Pricks. If you have kids/babies in buggies they don't let you board before everyone else anymore either. Luckily, people in general are not such pricks, so they tend to let you go in front of them in the queue.
  17. magicbastarder

    magicbastarder Well-Known Member

    i just don't like this race to the bottom in terms of service. the more irish people earn, the less they expect to pay for anything.
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  18. hugh

    hugh Well-Known Member

    I agree. I've no problem paying more and flying less.
  19. broken arm

    broken arm New Member

    he was making the point in relation to a few issues mainly climate change. As the rest of the sector is moving towards accepting responsibilities (emissions, fuel charges etc) o'leary still diverts and bleats.

    Even the other day Leo van Wijk, vice-chairman of Air France-KLM said that the response from the industry in relation to the environment had been "bullshit". and in my view O'leary is on top of that pile of bullshitters.
  20. moose

    moose Born to raise hell. Staff Member Supporter

    Ryanair are one of the few companies who list kayaks/canoes as sports gear and not a small boat or leisure craft which means way less hassle with trying to wrap up your boat and pretend its a surfboard. I'm using them for the first time in yaers next week and it better all go according to plan.

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