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Send free text messages from any PC using JSMS.

Discussion in '1010011010' started by The JSMS Team, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. The JSMS Team

    The JSMS Team New Member

    Hey Folks,

    For any of you using your mobile phones with Vodafone Ireland, O2 Ireland or Meteor Ireland, you can now send free text messages right from your PC desktop.

    The tool you need is called JSMS. It'is written in Java and thus should work from any type of PC, e.g. Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

    JSMS works by using the free credits that your mobile operator allows you to use on their website every month. However, JSMS provides much more functionality than the websites do and is infinitely quicker to use to send a message. It features a real time spell checker (supporting hundreds of languages), group texts, spanning a message across multiple texts, plus much more.

    We hope to provide support for other text message gateways as time goes on.

    We already have a very large user base, so the application is constantly being tested and improved.

    JSMS is 100% open source and we do everything possible to protect your privacy. The source code is all written in Java and is freely available on our project website.

    Check it out at http://jsmsirl.sourceforge.net or http://jsmsirl.sf.net.


  2. the departed

    the departed New Member

    jsms rules. i use it a lot..
  3. The JSMS Team

    The JSMS Team New Member

    Glad you find it useful dude - check out version 4.0.0 - we released it this week - I think you'll like the improvements (we do anyway!)

    Plus, once you install 4.0.0, you should never need to visit our website to upgrade again - it should all happen automatically from then on!

  4. corkproducers

    corkproducers New Member

    Must check it out!

    ive being using a similar program called Multitext by some dude on boards.ie upto now, which is discontinued.

    But some guy hex edited it and it still works.

    Cant wait to try out your program, nice one!
  5. The JSMS Team

    The JSMS Team New Member

    Nice one! I've heard of multitext, but hadn't realised that it was still running - last I'd heard was when it had stopped working after being discontinued! Yes - JSMS works in a similar way.

    One thing of note - I'm not sure how multitext operates, but JSMS does NOT send your messages to a third party server, so you don't have to worry about them being picked up or changed by somebody else. It simply sends them directly to your mobile operator using SSL secured HTTP connections.

    JSMS is fairly feature rich at this stage and we already have lots of ideas for more features. Post back and let us know what you think of it.

  6. Mormon Nailer

    Mormon Nailer Well-Known Member

    If you could select multiple recipients by ctrl clicking on the contacts list - that would be good.

    (handy bit of kit BTW)
  7. Froog

    Froog Get some! Supporter

    but can't you just use the o2 and vodafone websites to send webtext? 250 a month free.

    and you can send to multiple recipients.
  8. Wayne

    Wayne Member

    I've been using it for a while now, really handy. I used to use the KDE variant (ksms?) a few years back. Did you work on that as well? I know it was just a front ends for the old sms perl script.
  9. The JSMS Team

    The JSMS Team New Member

  10. The JSMS Team

    The JSMS Team New Member

    No - that wasn't us... There were a few perl script solutions around in the past alright, but most of them don't seem to be supported anymore.

    Plus, a lot of the scripted solutions used to send your messages via a third party server. Security conscious people may not be comfortable with that. JSMS only sends messages directly to your operator and it uses SSL technology to keep them both private and secure from interference.
  11. ernesto

    ernesto lover not a fighter

    any UK equivalent?

    vodafone uk dont have webtexts. wankers. or at least, I cant find them
  12. the departed

    the departed New Member

    yo i just downloaded the latest one..
    is there not an option anymore to pull your phonebook from the meteor site?

    i dont think id be arsed retyping ALL my contacts just to use it...
  13. The JSMS Team

    The JSMS Team New Member

    I don't know of any, but in theory support for UK operators could be added (assuming we had a phone number and PIN for that service). It's all down to how much demand there'd be for us to spend time on it...

    As far as I know, O2 UK don't either...
  14. The JSMS Team

    The JSMS Team New Member

    Not in the current release. Meteor completely reimplemented their phonebook and we never got time to update JSMS to be able to download the new format. It's a feature that's on our list to add back in.

    We can probably help you out there. I can give you instructions on how to do it or even help you do it. Mail us at jsmsirl@gmail.com and we can sort it out.

    And if you were previously running an old version of JSMS that downloaded the contacts for you, then that might make it easier for us to do again.
  15. corkproducers

    corkproducers New Member

    Some guy on the forum hex edited the program after it was discontinued, and uploaded it.
    Totally unofficial fix that may have being sneered at by the people that created it.

    Anyways i tried out your program and its very very nice indeed.

    Then dictionary is a really cool feature!
    Only thing i didnt like is the tag at the end of each text for the site, but i guess ye gotta promote it somehow.

    I have a recommendation for the phonebook.

    It would be nice to copy and paste numbers from the phonebooks on the service providers website into yours and have them work immediatly, without having to change the format.

    I.e a copy and paste from my o2 phonebook appears like this:

    David 0861234567 edit
    John Walsh 08712345678 edit

    You can get rid of " edit" by doing an add and replace in notepad easily.

    I was wondering if you could change the format of the phonebook from "Name, Number" to "Name Number".

    Of course youll have to code this in a way that JSMS will detect if the space has a number after it.

    As in not to confuse it with the space in the name ->
    John Walsh.

    Would be cool if it could automatically clean up the " edit" part too.

    Now as for vodafone and meteor im not sure what format they use, so if ye were really ambitous ye could have a universal phone book format for the 3.

    For a free program you really have a professional attitude online!
  16. The JSMS Team

    The JSMS Team New Member

    Cheers mate! We find it useful, and there's so much we can (and hopefully will) do to make it even better.

    Ya - I like it too. We uses the openoffice.org dictionaries so we support hundreds of languages out of the box!

    That's exactly what it's for - spreading the name... It only appears if you are sending a multi-sms message (i.e. greater than 160 chars) and only if it fits in the same text...

    We *do* intend to add in proper functionality to automatically download your contacts from your operators website. Anything else is just a hacked solution to be honest.

    As for the format we currently use in JSMS -- it's primitive to say the least -- although it does have the advantage of simplicity! There is a whole lot I'd like to do with it, but
    that's way down the priority list at the moment!

    Thanks for the kind words and excellent comments - that's exactly why we post on forums like this. Tell your friends about the project if you think they'll find it useful too...
  17. corkproducers

    corkproducers New Member

    For now people should try messing around in notepad with the Replace function, you can get it into the comma space format with a few tricks.

    No problem man, ive a lot of respect for open source/ freeware developers, ya are trully under-appreciated!
  18. The JSMS Team

    The JSMS Team New Member

    Sorry mate - I missed your post earlier...

    As far as I know, O2 UK or Orange don't do web texts either.

    Theoretically we can write code to interact with any service providers website - regardless of the country they are in.
  19. ernesto

    ernesto lover not a fighter

    no, you answered...... weird. anyway, yeah, thanks for havin a look
  20. The JSMS Team

    The JSMS Team New Member

    Doh! The beer must be getting to me!!! :)
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