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No Disco Press Release

Discussion in 'General' started by dudley, Apr 13, 2003.

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  1. dudley

    dudley Well-Known Member Staff Member Contributor

    We want “No Disco”, say Irish public and Irish music industry

    Irish music industry and music-listening public come out in force in support of maverick music television programme No Disco, currently facing cancellation by N2

    It’s been revealed that RTE are considering cancelling NO DISCO, its flagship music programme, which has aired to critical and popular raves since its inception in 1993.

    Artists such as DAVID GRAY, THE FRAMES, DAVID KITT and THE DIVINE COMEDY gladly attribute a large portion of their success to exposure on NO DISCO, and have all lent their support to a campaign to see the show retained by the national broadcaster.

    At the same time, TOM DUNNE (Today FM), DAVE FANNING (2FM), TONY CLAYTON-LEA (Irish Times), JAY AHERN (2FM, Vital Distribution) and KIM PORCELLI (Hot Press) have spoken out about the central role No Disco has played in bringing about what is currently the healthiest, most vital era the Irish music industry has seen – and the largest resurgence of interest in Irish-made music, from both Irish and international audiences - possibly since the emergence of U2.

    An online PETITION received over 2000 signatures in it’s first week and currently stands at 4000 - an incredible indication of public support. In addition to those from regular viewers, hundreds of signatures can be seen from people who work nationwide in the radio stations, record companies, record shops and promotion companies of the Irish music industry.

    The petition, and its signatories and their comments, can be viewed here:



    Glen Hansard (The Frames)
    Colm Mac Con Iomaire (The Frames)
    Tom Dunne (Today FM)
    Tony Clayton-Lea (Irish Times)
    Jay Ahern (2FM, Vital Distribution)
    Kim Porcelli (Hot Press)
    Dan Oggly (Friction PR)

    STATEMENTS OF SUPPORT: please see bottom of press release for statements in full

    Neil Hannon (The Divine Comedy)
    David Gray
    Tom Dunne (Today FM)
    Dave Fanning (2FM)
    Colm Mac Con Iomaire (The Frames)
    Tony Clayton-Lea (Irish Times)
    Jay Ahern (2FM, Vital Distribution)
    Kim Porcelli (Hot Press)
    Dan Oggly (Friction PR)


    Under the guidance of presenters DONAL DINEEN (Today FM), the late UANEEN FITZSIMONS (2FM) and LEAGUES O’TOOLE (Irish Times), for 10 years the show has consistently been the only platform on Irish television for Irish musicians, animators and filmmakers to have their work broadcast to an interested, informed young audience. At the same time, No Disco has also become widely acknowledged as a primary tool for the Irish music industry in breaking international bands here.

    The programme has a famously wide-ranging remit, catering to the eclectic tastes of the young, modern music listener. For example, its 26 March 2003 broadcast – ostensibly its last – featured videos from the late Meteor Award-winning songwriter Mic Christopher, Icelandic band Sigur Ros and Canadian band Low – as well as Irish-made animated videos for Irish bands The Tycho Brahe and Creative Controle, rare footage of Irish-traditional band Planxty, an exclusive live performance from Will Oldham (Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy) and a video from country music legend Johnny Cash.


    On average, No Disco claims between 20,000 and 40,000 viewers per week – all of whom are in the young, informed ABC category so desirable to advertisers.

    These figures are especially impressive given that No Disco does not occupy a primetime slot (usually airing at 11.15pm or later).

    Recent viewing figures in particular give the lie to the notion that No Disco is anything less than a success story in terms of viewership. On March 5th, 2003, NO DISCO aired a documentary on seminal Irish-traditional band PLANXTY, featuring new interviews with former members Christy Moore and Andy Irvine among others and making great use of rarely seen live footage from the RTE archive. It won 10% of the total audience share on the night of broadcast. To put this in perspective, the METEOR awards, broadcast the same night, managed 17%. That a show like No Disco, specialising in relatively leftfield material, held its own against such populist, heavily media-promoted fare is testament to its success with Irish viewers.



    “When I heard that No Disco was being cancelled last week my first reaction was, “What a shame!” followed by “Why?” You just get used to all these awful fucking video shows which they fill choc-full of bollocks, and obviously that wasn’t the way that No Disco operated.

    It’s a programme that’s interwoven into the early years of my Irish adventure. It was a large part of the reason that my first gig at Whelan’s was such a success. The place was packed. It blew me away then and still makes me smile when I think about it now.

    It let some sort of oxygen into my music making at a time when I was finding it hard to get an audience or the time of day anywhere.
    There was a real scene. (They) were indicative of the kind of person that was around – young people thinking in a completely different, European way. Hence the whole explosion of culture that Ireland has seen in the ten years since I’ve been going there regularly.

    It’s a terrible shame that it’s heading off the screens. I hope wherever they scatter its ashes something wonderful and rather unexpected will grow. “


    "The decision to ditch No Disco is one more nail in the coffin for credible music television.

    “No Disco was open-minded enough to give me TV space when nobody else would, and when I lived in London I was always envious of the folks back home who had a show of such a varied and leftfield nature. I hope that a show will come along that is equally committed to new music, but I can't imagine one that could ever replace No Disco in my affections."

    DAVE FANNING, 2FM (as quoted in the Thursday, March 27th edition og Hot Press Magazine)

    “I’ll be very sorry to see it go…I was watching it the other night and it was great – they’d done Leagues [O’Toole, presenter] as a cartoon and it was really funny… But I thought it was a great show – on a minuscule budget...

    “What No Disco offered was an Irish slant, but maybe the powers that be in RTE have decided to put whatever money was available into that other show – ‘Other Voices’. Is that the right decision? I don’t think so. It’s a cruel decision, but then I’ve suffered from enough cruel decisions at RTE to last me several lifetimes.”


    “Dreadful loss to public service broadcasting.”


    “We, The Frames, have long appreciated the support of No Disco as a platform for our music. Whether hosted by Dónal Dineen, Uaneen Fitzsimons or by Leagues O'Toole, it has consistently brought music videos to the public from those who would otherwise have not got an airing on mainstream television.

    “We therefore despair at its threatened future!

    “No Disco has already worked miracles in bringing the ever-growing voice of Irish independent music to a growing audience, on a shoestring budget.

    “No Disco should be appreciated by RTE as a programme that has provided a unique service to the Irish public and to Irish Music. It has connected young Irish bands with their audience and it has always been a vital and unique portal for young artists/musicians to bring their music to light.

    “The discontinuation of No Disco would be a massive blow to an already under-serviced scene. There would also be a massive irony in that never before has there been such an informed and supportive Irish audience as there exists now!

    “In a time of brand names "No disco" represents all that is interesting and original in Irish youth culture. To do away with this very special and uniquely Irish music programme would be a great disservice to diversity in a time of unprecedented homogeneousness.

    “We urge the National Broadcaster to reconsider its intentions, realise the value of No Disco and allow it to continue to support Irish music.”


    “A valuable outlet for Irish artists, the programme also serves the interests of a considerable community within Ireland, who have an interest in modern music outside of the commercial mainstream.”


    “Is RTE mad? No Disco is at the cutting edge of music delivery in the country, showcasing Irish talent and relatively established music acts that are effectively ignored by other broadcasters. It hardly costs a bundle of money to make, does it? Don't make a PR blunder, RTE, by dropping No Disco. Do the decent thing, act on common sense and renew your interest in it.”


    “No Disco is a lot of the reason why the Irish music industry has spent much of the 90s and 00s going from strength to strength. Anyone who works in music/ents in Ireland – whether promoting Irish music or bringing international artists here – owes it a lot. It has given crucial early aid to artists we now think of as being mainstream/ near-mainstream, & to developing filmmakers and animators. It has provided an accessible platform for ‘left-of-field’ artists whose pioneering ideas in music and design then find their way into the mainstream. It has also provided a vital alternative to an increasingly globalised, homogenised pop culture.

    “Any other television station would hold a show of this kind up with immense pride as symbolising their commitment to indigenous culture. Any other national broadcaster would happily point to it as their answer to their given remit: namely to nurture and document. It is crucial that RTE reverse this decision if they are to prove to us that they are committed to doing either.”

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  3. Ed

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    Re: Re: No Disco Press Release

    right, you're getting lynched for that
  4. stunning

    stunning Well-Known Member

    I'm going to send this out to Chicago...

    Hope it helps.

  5. dudley

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    if anyone wants an unabridged version of the press release, mail me and i'll pass it on

  6. stunning

    stunning Well-Known Member

    send it on...

    don't think my friends will read all that, but let me see it. stunning@ripco.com


  7. stunning

    stunning Well-Known Member

    Chicago to the rescue!

    #4026. David Winer - Who did No Disco ever hurt?! Nobody!

    #4029. Jacqueline Anne Krupka - Ok, I didn't read much of anything here, but if Tom Dunning has a passion for something, then I am so THERE. Plus and also, if this is a venue for Irish artists, then it must be saved. Don't make me come over there and throw myself on the switch--you'll never find the OFF position. I am a fairly big girl with large breasts, and I will be heard. Thanks. JAK

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Dave is from The Baltimores, The J Davis Trio, and PUM and Jacquie is from The Plunging Necklines. Both Hoot Night regulars! Fuckin' hysterical!~

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