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Music Ground,of Denmark st,London are Geebags

Discussion in 'Guitars & Amps' started by mel gibson, Apr 1, 2010.

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  1. mel gibson

    mel gibson Well-Known Member

    hopefully none of you lads here bought a vintage guitar or Hiwatt from them!...

    Here’s some news maybe bad news for many who have dealt with Justin Harrison at Music Ground, Doncaster, England. It is beyond any doubt whatsoever that Justin Harrison (Director of Music Ground) with the blessing of his father Richard Harrison (Managing Director of Music Ground) has produced fake guitars and amplifiers over the past twenty years using a devoted, though some might argue misguided and greedy, group of talented individuals. These have included electronics wizards, woodworkers, graphic artists, Photoshop experts and guitar finishers. And here are some examples of amp and guitar nasties:

    A large in depth article appearing some time ago in Vintage Guitar Magazine went into great detail about a European Music Company manufacturing fake Marshall amplifiers. This of course was Music Ground a fact that was boasted about by Justin Harrison. Amongst the people he duped were Mikhaal Karlsson guitarist with the Hives and Peter Svensson talented guitarist with the Cardigans. When Peter Svensson challenged Richard Harrison about the authenticity of the Marshall amps, Richard, being the devoted dad that he is, admitted they were fakes and raced over to Sweden and immediately bought back the amps out of his own money totalling some £80,000. And what happened to the amps on their return to Doncaster, Justin Harrison sold them on again to another unsuspecting individual. Mikhail also fell foul of the Marshall fakes and he too demanded a refund. Music Ground is paying him back on a payment plan which is continuing to this day.

    Turning his attention to another amp range Justin Harrison has produced a number of fake Dumble Amplifiers. Of course these are very profitable as the electronics wizard for building the amp only receives around £3000, the cabinet maker £1500 and the amp sells for £30,000. It is worth noting that the art work for the front panels of the Dumbles are made in a little former mining village called Bentley just a couple of miles away from Music Ground’s headquarters. Who are the dupes on this range then? None other than Texan Real Estate Magnate Garry Keller. Perhaps someone ought to tip him off about this and Oh God yes the other fake amps he’s bought from Justin Harrison. But come on Howard Dumble get your arse into gear and stop all this. Your amps are great don’t allow a shit like Justin Harrison to make thousands out of you.

    As for guitars particularly Hofner bass guitars there is a never ending list of dupes. Here’s one example: Let’s take a right handed guitar that was picked up in Breda, Holland by Music Ground. It sailed back to Doncaster only to be transported to a guitar hospital based in Newark run by a very clever wood worker who put a left handed spin on the guitar and it became a lefty (the top was flipped). It kind of went through what might be termed the equivalent of a sex change shall we say? It returned to Doncaster to be aged and then transported to Los Angeles where poor old Beatle beatnick Greg Feo bought it for some £30,000. He was warned by his chum another Beatle nut Tony Capizzi that fake Hofners were incubated in the Music Ground basement. But the rest is history and the profits fell into Justin Harrison’s pocket

    Let’s quickly pass over mentioning that Kirk Hammett bought a fake Zematis made in Doncaster from Justin Harrison (and returned it after some clever negotiations between Richard Harrison and Kirk’s lawyers) to detail his finest scam to date-fake provenance over a Korina Explorer sold to yes, Peter Svensson. Poor old Peter and he’s such a nice guy but easy prey for Justin Harrison. The Music Ground Director claimed he had found the original owner of the 1960 Explorer complete with a Polaroid picture of him holding the guitar way back in the early 1960s. But no, that wasn’t true. The picture depicted none other than a Music Ground employee a wood worker. So several weeks after Peter Svensson took delivery of the Explorer and was glancing at the photograph of the original owner it was pointed out to him that this guy bore a striking resemblance to someone on the Hiwatt website (Hiwatt is Music Ground’s sister Company). And yes the one and the two were the same. Bad mistake Justin Harrison because Peter Svensson is taking you personally to the cleaners for this.

    Justin Harrison is really the music world’s equivalent of Dennis Nielson (a British mass murderer now serving a life sentence). He picks up unsuspecting investors takes them into his confidence and butchers them.

    Why am I telling you all this. It’s because Justin Harrison hates guitarists and rock music full stop and delights in taking the piss and ripping the shit out of all of us in the Music Industry. Please, please don’t be associated with him or anything he stands for. Remember it’s only a deal to Justin Harrison if he’s ripping your bollocks off.

    But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Music Ground is being liquidated on Monday. Justin Harrison is taking creditors for around a million quid. So let’s hope when it all goes bump next week there are plenty of people with base ball bats ready to take revenge.

    I can give more stories if required please let me know via the forum.

    A footnote: Justin Harrison was scamming prior to the liquidation. A Streamline terminal registered with Hiwatt was siphoning off Music Ground funds.

    A second Footnote: Hands up all those who want to know of the dozens of stolen guitars Music Ground has fenced?

  2. mark

    mark M&S Wine Gums FTW

    wow, been both in that store and the one in leeds. they had seemingly nice stuff.

    or is that a big aprils fools thing? why would hammet, hives guy et al keep schtum all that time?
  3. mel gibson

    mel gibson Well-Known Member

    possibly chief,but it's been all over the vintage amps forums,and the Gretsch pages
    and the lad who builds the chassis for the JMI original VOX repro's they build
    posted on Saturday that he'd no longer be building for them

    I'd say it's legit
  4. mel gibson

    mel gibson Well-Known Member

    they've changed the name of the shop on ebay from music ground to music inc uk
    that seems dodgy aswell?
  5. mark

    mark M&S Wine Gums FTW

    mmmm, doesn't sound good alright. mush check the nerd forums...
  6. mel gibson

    mel gibson Well-Known Member

    you still up for meeting up later?
  7. mark

    mark M&S Wine Gums FTW

    yep, i'll buzz you this afternoon.
  8. mel gibson

    mel gibson Well-Known Member

  9. moose

    moose Born to raise hell. Staff Member Supporter

    That's madness.
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