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HOw do I roll back to a previous version of Internet Explorer?

Discussion in '1010011010' started by pissypants, Oct 24, 2008.

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  1. pissypants

    pissypants Well-Known Member

    I was using IE7 on a Vista machine, but something got messed up with the stylesheets, so in an attempt to resolve it I installed the IE8 beta version - which then had issues of it's own.

    Is there a way I can get back to IE6 or at least 7.

    (I've tried running IE8 in IE7 emulation mode. Also I frequently use Mozilla and Chrome - the features I want to use online are only available for IE)


  2. Goff

    Goff New Member

    This would be a great time for someone to find and post a link to Bill Gates' attempt to do this in court.

    As I can't access Vijo's in work, it won't be me.

    Just saying, like.

    It's always been difficult to roll back to an earlier version. Never try their Betas. They're always shite.

    Try this. I've no idea what's on the page cos websense has blocked it.
  3. plug

    plug Well-Known Member

    that's just a forum link. hmm... isn't there a page online running you through how to install multiple versions of IE on one system, for testing web pages. I've never tried it because I usually use a mac but I remember there was a thread about it ages ago...
  4. pissypants

    pissypants Well-Known Member

    Cheers Goff,
    I was actually on that page you recommended already.
    Just lots of people scratching their heads, complaining about Microsoft and saying "Use Firefox instead".
  5. plug

    plug Well-Known Member

  6. ratmonkey

    ratmonkey New Member

    If you look in the add / remove programs with the show updates box ticked, removing the most recent version should roll back to the last.
  7. pissypants

    pissypants Well-Known Member

    I downloaded that "standalone" version of IE6 (cheers plug) but it won't run.
    I extracted all the files into a folder and ran the exe, but it's saying


    That dll it's mentioning is in the same folder.

    I thought it might be a vista compatability thing, but I tried running it in XP compatability mode to no avail.

    I uninstalled the IE8 update (thanks ratmonkey) , but it's back to it's usual "I will randomly start to ignore all images and formatting at a time of my choosing" guff. :(
    This is what the MSN homepage looks like in my IE7:


  8. Goff

    Goff New Member

    Er, use Firefox?

  9. Stan Bowles

    Stan Bowles Well-Known Member Contributor

    I know in XP the only way you can roll back to IE6 from IE7 is by doing a system restore to a date prior to the install. I assume it's the same for Vista.

    But then obviously if you installed it a while ago, every other update and installation you've done since then will be removed too.
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This thread is more than 730 days old.

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