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Game to close 277 shops - 2,100 jobs to go

Discussion in '1010011010' started by pete, Mar 26, 2012.

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  1. pete

    pete chronic procrastinator Staff Member


    THRILLHO New Member

    Sorry to see so many people lose their jobs, but not sorry to see Game go. In the last few years, they've become an awful place to shop.
  3. ann post

    ann post Well-Known Member

    is it all moving online now?
  4. 7 - No tomorrow

    7 - No tomorrow Moderater Contributor Supporter

    Game done changed.
  5. D0njo

    D0njo Well-Known Member

    Valve stole everyone's customers. We all live in a cloud now.
  6. Stan Bowles

    Stan Bowles Well-Known Member Contributor


    Went into Game to check what bundles thay had for the Vita a week before release. Was told they didn't have any yet, and possibly wouldn't have any at all. So off I went to HMV and got a deal from them. Went into Game on release day (I had a voucher) to buy a Vita game, manager tried to sell me a console. I explained how I had went to them first, but they had no deals so I went elsewhere. He enquired about the price (HMV was better), then asked if I had a game card. I said I did, then he smugly said to me 'Well you've done yourself out of money there if you'd have bought with us.'

    I had to stop myself from being a prick back, I just smiled and left.

    Also last time I tried to trade some games in the offers they made me were stupidly low. Went over to HMV again, got more for one game than Game were going to offer me for three.
  7. pete

    pete chronic procrastinator Staff Member

    in fairness that might say as much about HMV's business model as it does about Game's
  8. Stan Bowles

    Stan Bowles Well-Known Member Contributor

    Well my point was more that the week before launch of a new console they had no bundle planned, then ridiculded me on release day for not taking them up on their non-existant bundle.
  9. dudley

    dudley Well-Known Member Staff Member Contributor

    looks like i got out a the right time, 13 years ago
  10. Unicron

    Unicron Well-Known Member

    Friend of mine works in one of the Dublin stores, told she's not getting redundancy or final pay, they're talking about a sit in at the minute.

    Re the bundles or lack thereof apparently a number of game manufacturers have cut them off in the last couple of months, EA, Ubisoft etc. Perhaps they didn't have anything to bundle.
Thread Status:
This thread is more than 730 days old.

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