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FULL-ON SEX Hoot Night! 4th of July!

Discussion in 'General' started by stunning, Jun 15, 2003.

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  1. stunning

    stunning Well-Known Member

    Thomas Dunning's FULL-ON SEX Hoot Night!

    The US Revolution was really and quite sadly just a power grab by the slave-owning middle classes. So on July 4th, while we're waiting for the REAL American Revolution, let's talk/sing about sex instead.

    The Tycho Brahe
    Mumblin’ Deaf Ro
    Keith Moss
    Michael Knight
    Holy Ghost Fathers
    Tom Dunning & Your Boyfriends


    The Sugar Club
    July 4th, 2003
    Doors 7:30pm
    Show 8pm SHARP

    Regime change begins at home!

  2. Ed

    Ed New Member

    awwwwwww, but........... but.................
  3. stunning

    stunning Well-Known Member

    Did I really try to tell people what to wear???

    I'm power mad I tell you!

    Had to edit that out...sorry Ed.

    I'd prefer to see you done up as the Statue of Liberty. I love her...prolly cuz she's actually French.

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  4. roxy

    roxy New Member

    Who wears stars? :rolleyes:
  5. stunning

    stunning Well-Known Member

    I have family who wear stars. Regularly.

    God save us.


    Betty Homewrecker
  6. Theseus Mock

    Theseus Mock Well-Known Member

    so does this mean a salt'n'pepper "let's talk about sex" come (no pun intended) MTV's loveline type show?

    you could get yer wan from the tycho brahe and the birds from the chalets to take off their tops. ;)
  7. stunning

    stunning Well-Known Member

    Actually, I'd much rather get Keith Moss and the whole of Steerage to. But thanks for the suggestion. :)

    Oh, and no it won't be like Loveline. It'll be good. ;)

  8. stunning

    stunning Well-Known Member

    El Diablo

    Sadly, The Chalets won't be able to make this coming Hoot Night as they've won the Lotto and are off to Bora Bora.

    Happily, El Diablo will be joining us on July, 4th to sing about fucking our brains out.

    Full kisses,

    Ms. Dunning
  9. donnacha

    donnacha New Member

    I met an american girl in Berlin who had blue hair and stars tatooed on her boobies.

    When I asked her about it, this was her explanation:

    Me: So, why do you have stars tatooed on your boobs?
    Her: Look, what's the greatest thing in the world? Tits, right?
    Me: hmmm
    Her: What's better than tits? Tits with stars on 'em!!!

    I had to concede.
  10. billygannon

    billygannon Well-Known Member Contributor

    I met a girl who had boobies.

    Me: hmmm
    Her: What's better than tits? Tits with stars on 'em!!!
    Me: No. Tits with my hands on them

    I had to leave.

    eight points to any band who plays Color Me Badd's I Wanna Sexx You Up
  11. Squack

    Squack New Member

    you're a feckin eejit
    gombeen man
  12. billygannon

    billygannon Well-Known Member Contributor


    You are such a *dickhead*
  13. herv

    herv New Member

    no fighting in my house

    i'll kill the both of youse
  14. #10-7

    #10-7 New Member

    mi scusi.
  15. roxy

    roxy New Member

    What's wrong with you?
  16. stunning

    stunning Well-Known Member

    Are you a trumpet player?

    Trumpet player needed...

    Please help.

  17. pete

    pete chronic procrastinator Staff Member

    jimmy cake to the rescue?
  18. stunning

    stunning Well-Known Member

    Good idea Pete, thanks!

    Which particular Jimmy is it? I've only met a few of them...

  19. donnacha

    donnacha New Member

    That would be Mr. John Brown, or 'Brown Fury' as they call him.

    PM me and I'll tell you how to reach the man.

  20. Pantone247

    Pantone247 Well-Known Member

    Getting Yer Nasty On

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