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FS: Elektron Monomachine MK1

Discussion in 'Music Gear' started by chutneyfarmer, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. chutneyfarmer

    chutneyfarmer Well-Known Member

    [h=6]Ok folks need to sell off a load of gear unfortunately. Time to make some space and pick up something new. First on the chopping block is a Monomachine MK1. Picked this up the other day but it's is waaaaaaay beyond what I need. 6 monosynths & sequencers with an additional 6 external midi sequencers. Hell, I don't even use midi!!! The fx in it are lovely though. Selling for €500.

    There'll be more up for sale soon including a load of dirt cheap homemade/diy pedals, couple of nice fuzz pedals and a few noise synths. Maybe even a Gristleizer! :([/h]

  2. theoootini

    theoootini Well-Known Member

  3. chutneyfarmer

    chutneyfarmer Well-Known Member

    Soon :)

    Want to go through them, take photos and decide on prices etc.
  4. scutch

    scutch New Member


    Has the monomachine been sold?

  5. chutneyfarmer

    chutneyfarmer Well-Known Member

    Sure has, sorry
  6. scutch

    scutch New Member

    No probs, thanks for the reply
Thread Status:
This thread is more than 730 days old.

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