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Eircom router password

Discussion in '1010011010' started by johnnystress, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. johnnystress

    johnnystress Well-Known Member Supporter

    I have a Netopia router that came as part of my eircom broadband package

    When I installed it I was asked to enter a PIN or password

    I want to allow my girlfriend to access broadband from her laptop but she will need to know this PIN/password in order to do so

    I think (?)

    How do I find this PIN?

    I mailed eircom and they've sent me the 1890 number- but before I settle down with a flask for a few frustrating hours by the telephone I thought I'd ask here first

    Anyone know how I can get this number/password?

  2. the departed

    the departed New Member

    are you talking about the wireless key thing?
    the WEP password??

    the only way to get that is to plug straight into your router with an ethernet cable and type this into your browser:

    and itll bring up the modem control panel.
    go to wireless and itll show you a password there..
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  3. johnnystress

    johnnystress Well-Known Member Supporter

    ummm...i think so

    Thanks gstereotypical! I'll give this a go
  4. the departed

    the departed New Member

    no worries..just hope its what youre after.
  5. RED(tape)MENACE

    RED(tape)MENACE Well-Known Member

    The router will most likely have a default password like 0000
    If you can't get it the G-stereo way, give Eircom tech support a shout and they should be able to give it to you.
  6. the departed

    the departed New Member

    there aint no way like a G-stereo way.
  7. Bladez

    Bladez Well-Known Member

    Are Eircom still making the default network key a simple function of the SSID? If so then you can use this to find out the key :


    Just still in the SSID of your network and click Go.
  8. muffin

    muffin New Member

    is there any way to change it so that people can't be knowing that stuff?
  9. Bladez

    Bladez Well-Known Member

    Yeah. You can change the WEP key in the router management app. There is info on the Netopia site on how to do it :


    My brother was telling me only last week that he was using his neighbour's wireless network thanks to that Eircom key generator website. So it seems there are still unsecured networks out there.
  10. potlatch

    potlatch New Member

    On a computer connected to the broadband, don't you go to and when asked for a password, login is eircom and password is broadband1.

    Then you can get the WEP and SSID.
  11. Pedronimus

    Pedronimus New Member

    On my netopia router the default user name is 'admin' and the default password is also 'admin'.
    You may have changed this to something else in the meantime, so you can hold in the reset button with a pin (for about 30 secs) and it will restore the router to original settings and you can use admin/admin.

    The router is about 2 years old so Eircom may have changed the defaults to what Potlatch says in the meantime.
Thread Status:
This thread is more than 730 days old.

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