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Can you score my short film?

Discussion in 'General' started by thairock, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. thairock

    thairock Active Member

    I just wrote a long post and the internet ate it , so, to cut a long story short:

    I made a short film last year.

    Christchurch (NZ) earthquake broke the studio of my friend (who was scoring it) and she hasn't been able to get back to work on my film (for lots of good reasons).

    I'm keen to dust off the film and get it finished.
    Anyone like a stab at scoring it?

    It's got place holder music at the moment but not necessarily indicative of what should be there.
    It's close to final picture lock but may be tweaked a bit , once I see how it goes with music etc.

    Thanks and stuff!

    Here is password for viewing : Gorillas mot as scare now

    Here is a still from movie :

    Here is vimeo link

  2. GO

    GO Well-Known Member Supporter


    I havent even looked at the clip but YES.

    I would LOVE to do this.

    Edit..I'm going back to bed now but will check it out when I get up.
  3. thairock

    thairock Active Member

    Wow, well, you couldn't ask for a better reply then that! , however, you should watch it first - you might think it's shite! :)

  4. vparody

    vparody New Member


    Not sure if you've got someone lined up at this point. I loved the film and I'd be interested in giving it a go. I scored two short films last year, and really loved the challenge! One of them is here - www.amandafeery.com in the 'visual music' section..all my other music is there too, to give you an idea.
  5. thairock

    thairock Active Member

    Hey vparody,
    Thanks for post - I'm just listening to some stuff on your website now, excellent music!
    Loved the score on the war film.

    I would be honored if you would like to give my little film a go!

    I have been thinking , since last year, about how I would be interested in actually having perhaps more than one score for the film.
    That is, to have a few different versions of the film, all with different scores etc.

    Maybe it's a dumb idea , but when i'm editing a movie, I like to cut to a different piece of music every now and then, it changes things
    Changes my editing decisions and the emotion of the film is dictated by these things.

    I love Hal Hartleys movie FLIRT because there is a part of the movie, where the same block of dialogue is repeated in 3 different scenes by
    different characters, each bringing a completely different spin on the meaning of these exact same words, through their delivery.

    The same can happen with music.

    It would be exciting if anyone would care to score this short - it would be unbelievably amazing if there were multiple people who would care to lend their talents and time to the endeavor .

    Yes! - please, if you or Transformation or anyone else would feel like giving it a go , then I would love that!
  6. pete

    pete chronic procrastinator Staff Member

    I give it 4/5
  7. 7 - No tomorrow

    7 - No tomorrow Moderater Contributor Supporter

  8. thairock

    thairock Active Member

  9. 1 2 3 GO

    1 2 3 GO New Member

    I'll do it. I'll have a rough draft to you in a month. We can talk money after that.
  10. thairock

    thairock Active Member

    How does 10% of gross profits sound ?
  11. east hastings

    east hastings Well-Known Member

    I'll try give it a go if i get time
  12. thairock

    thairock Active Member

    Nice one. Cheers!
  13. Anthony

    Anthony Well-Known Member

    Might be an idea to upload a version with no music.
  14. thairock

    thairock Active Member

    Yes, I'll do that.
    Just had that one already uploaded and my Final Cut files are on a filed away drive so need to dig it out.

    I'll get a non-music version up shortly.
  15. 1 2 3 GO

    1 2 3 GO New Member

    Make it 22.5% and you have a deal

  16. thairock

    thairock Active Member

    Let me run that past my financiers .
  17. thairock

    thairock Active Member

    Here is a copy of the film with the temp music removed.
    Have at it.

    Password for this version is : thumped
    (you should be able to download it from vimeo too.)

  18. ann post

    ann post Well-Known Member

    i'll give it a go later this evening, no promises though.
  19. thairock

    thairock Active Member

    Thanks :)
    No promises necessary.
  20. ann post

    ann post Well-Known Member

    i did a draft anyways, but am having some problems with putting the thing into imovie hd to actually sync it properly. i'm using the mp4 download. do you know is there anything i should know? it imports as plain black nothing (its playing fine in quicktime).

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