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Cake -- The Greatest Hits

Discussion in 'Food!' started by jane, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. jane

    jane Well-Known Member

    We're not doing a regular wedding cake, we're just going to get a bunch of delicious cakes from various delicious cakemongers. And a friend of mine is probably going to blow all of those cakes out of the water by making her incredibly ridiculous incredible chocolate cake. I wish I had time to bake a bunch of 'em, but I don't, so we're going to buy them.

    I know Blazing Salads does nice ones, and I think you can get them from the Butler's Pantry, but can anyone recommend any where else to get amazing cakes? Sizes don't really matter, but if there are places that do big cakes, that'd be cool, too. We do want to stack a few up.

    GAWD, I love cakes. I think I'd eat broken glass if you rolled it in batter and iced it.

  2. coraline

    coraline New Member

    Cake, mmmmmm

    Some ideas :

    Ann's Bakery

    41 Mary Street
    Dublin 1
    County Dublin

    Contact: Helena
    Phone: 01 872 7759
    Fax: 01 873 4694

    Email: annsbakery@ireland.com
    Web: http://www.annsbakery.ie/

    or another place I have heard do yum cakes in the Boston Bakery in Santry.

    I've also seen nice ones in Mortons in Ranelagh.

    We're getting a cake from Cakebox in Dun Laoghaire,in fact I have to go there today to get a sample box so we can choose what to have in the second tier, yummmmmm....
  3. jane

    jane Well-Known Member

    Oh, cool. So Ann's Bakery is good? I used to walk by it in the morning a lot, and for some reason the way the sign is done I'd always read it as "Anus Bakery" and was frequently disappointed that this was not its name.

    I also like the sound of any bakery named after my hometown.

    There's a teeny temptation to get an actual wedding cake, which is tempered by the fact that for several months, it's been too late to order one anyway. Which puts it into the category of Things We Would Have Done On Time Had We Wanted Them Badly Enough.

    Is the Sandymount lady a regular hairdresser? There's a salon in the village, but maybe there's more than one. The other thing to do, of course, is to ask around my neighbourhood. There's gotta be some lady who's been doing other ladies' wedding hair since the 1950s and still keeps setting lotion and hot rollers in good supply.

    We'll be in the place in Temple Bar on the day anyway, so we'll be central for going to hairdressers orhaving them come to me.

    And as for makeup, I had my makeup done in BT at the Bobbi Brown counter the other day and it was really, really incredibly bad. The eyes came out okay, but the foundation was cakey and didn't blend into my skin and was too yellow and pasty and made me look jaundiced and sick. She kept swearing it was a good colour, but I went home and washed it off straight away. Mr Jane, whose opinion is always biased in favour of me looking lovely, half-shuddered when he saw me. "What's wrong with your FACE!?" I already have a foundation that I like, but it was just creepy to see this one. It was rotten and all wrong for me.

    I had some put on by Nars yesterday, though, and that was really fun (she didn't do foundation, I'm just stocking up on new makeup anyway and using the wedding as an excuse to make myself over a bit). She was enjoying herself, too, which made it much easier to say, "Oh, I don't really like that so much" without feeling like I was offending her because finding stuff that looked good was all part of the fun.

    I wish I could get one of the really deadly people who've done my face for the TV stuff I've done. They do such an amazing job making it look natural and I always feel really good about how I look and don't bother taking it off until bedtime.
  4. cpr

    cpr Pricks....

    cakes from the boston bakery are awesome!
  5. Daisy's Dukes

    Daisy's Dukes New Member

    Queen of Tarts on Dame Street do AMAZING cakes. I start to salivate before even walking in the door of that place.
  6. KokaneeCowgirl

    KokaneeCowgirl New Member

    Yes I concur with the Queen of Tarts suggestion. It's run by two sisters. The cakes are reasonably priced and AMAZING.
  7. coraline

    coraline New Member

    More cake ideas :

    Poppies, a cafe/restaurant/bakery in Dun Laoghaire, amazing home made cakes for 22 euro each.


    Another idea if you want the traditional iced fruit cake is the ones from Marks and Spencer, they look perfect and could be decorated very easily with some ribbon or flowers.

    Did you find a hair person yet?
    The Sandymount one I was telling you about is the salon, there's probably only the one in Sandymount village...
  8. coraline

    coraline New Member

    PS your Bobbi Brown experience sounds very like the awful trial I had, the girl who did it kept insisting it was just the light in the room making me look all orange and freakish.....
  9. jane

    jane Well-Known Member

    Oooh, cool. I think Mr Jane's sister has found me someone for the hair. I'm going for a trial on Friday afternoon, which I hope will be cool. I'm hoping for a beehive. Too much?

    Thanks for the cake suggestions, and yeah, maybe we'll get a few of the M&S ones just for show. I mean, they're cheap as fuck and we can get a bunch of sizes and stack 'em up, and then surround them with more delicious cakes.

    As for the makeup, yeah, awful. Just the light? Just the light combined with the yellow paste you put on my face, yeah. It's definitely the light because I know for a fact that I wouldn't look half as bad in dark. Blech.
  10. Ferox13

    Ferox13 Well-Known Member

    I couldn't believe the price they ask for tradition wedding cakes.
  11. jane

    jane Well-Known Member

    Exactly. We might get a few from Marks just for the sake of having something stackable, but for less than half the price, you can do a greatest hits compilation of the yummiest cakes in the city.

    I don't even know how much traditional cakes are, but I don't really want to know. It will just send me into a rant.
  12. Buzzo

    Buzzo Well-Known Member

    A beehive would look amazing. Can you throw up a picture of the dress again? I don't know where the other one is.

    Is there no way you could find out who did your make up for the telly, get their number and give them a ring? Or....

    For my ever so lovely sister in law's wedding, my bro's ex, who was a make up freak, did her make-up. Nothing professional, just really subtle and beautiful. Do you have a friend who wears make up really well in a way that you like, who might do a better job than professionals who have completely different taste to you? You're gonna look blinkin gorgeous on the day no matter what.
  13. MDR

    MDR Did you get my email?

    We got ours in cakebox. My advice - ask the hotel to save a few slices for you, as sometimes the B and g get forgotten about and don't get a slice of their own cake.
  14. jane

    jane Well-Known Member

    This is the dress:



    That's with my mammy in it. I look fatter and I'm a tiny bit taller.

    I'm gonna just do my own makeup. I'm buying a bunch of stuff and I'm just going to keep practicing with it. There's a woman in my office who is a makeup artist, and she said she'd help me practice.

    I can't wait to go collecting up all the best cakes around. It's gonna be a delicious day.
  15. nlgbbbblth

    nlgbbbblth Well-Known Member Contributor

    we baked ours, got someone to ice it.
  16. Shaney

    Shaney Well-Known Member Supporter

    how about getting loads of buns/cupcakes/little colourdy things that you could spread out across a table - see here
  17. jane

    jane Well-Known Member

    I think cupcakes are a bit more expensive to do, but that's a good idea for at least part of it. Thanks, dude. Those pictures look delicious and caused me to go tonguing the screen like a depraved lunatic.
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