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Boss me10 For Sale

Discussion in 'Music Gear' started by Population, Sep 6, 2006.

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  1. Population

    Population New Member

    Boss me10 for sale. Perfect condition and includes steel carrycase. Perfect for someone that wants that great boss sound without forking out loads on individual pedals. Manual included.

    100 Euro

  2. Population

    Population New Member

    75 euro. You simply cannot go wrong
  3. G-spotbandit

    G-spotbandit New Member

    im interested. amn't 100% sure on what model it is tho. can you post a pic?
  4. Population

    Population New Member

    all there

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  5. snakybus

    snakybus Well-Known Member

    is this gone yet?

    sent you a PM, Population
  6. Population

    Population New Member

    I mailed you back. Didnt you get it??? And no right now its not gone
  7. snakybus

    snakybus Well-Known Member

    That's strange, it didn't arrive!

    I'm still interested, what's your email address/number?

    snakybus at gmail dot com
  8. Population

    Population New Member

    This is now sold.
  9. aoife

    aoife New Member

    hey im definitely interested in buying your boss me10 at the suggested price please contact me to arrange a purchase
  10. the departed

    the departed New Member

Thread Status:
This thread is more than 730 days old.

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