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Bicycle courier jobs

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by gallagc8, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. gallagc8

    gallagc8 New Member

    I have the deluded idea that i want to be a bicylce courier in dublin and i think im goin to have to learn the hard way that this job isn't for me. so does anyone know if theres any work goin anywhere. i threw off a few emails to companies i found on the net but no dice.



  2. pete

    pete chronic procrastinator Staff Member

    a bike courier crashed on merrion row at lunchtime today. someone opened a truck door in front of him, then he smacked into a car.

  3. santa claus

    santa claus New Member

    Call one, then lock them in the closet and steal their shorts, shades and bag.
    Hey presto! You're a courier. Oh, very important, don't forget - you're really, really cool.
  4. Theodore Kaczynski

    Theodore Kaczynski Well-Known Member

    check in the back of the herald,any jobs going will be in that....otherwise go to stephens green/baggot street where they hang out and ask....
    didnt think id be able for it myself but ended up doing the best part of five years so take hope ;)
  5. RSJ

    RSJ Well-Known Member

    Any money in it?
  6. La La

    La La i drink your milkshake

    i'm gonna pull up a chair and ogle this thread, don't mind me buh.
  7. Yurn!

    Yurn! New Member

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  8. c0De_n1NjA

    c0De_n1NjA New Member

    i would give anything to have seen that.
  9. Lefty Frizzell

    Lefty Frizzell Well-Known Member

    I dream about bicycle couriers colliding head on with chuggerz.

    One of those be-tattooed bicycle couriers with a big nose & paddy cap went by me at the top of kildare street yesterday morning, i was part of a decent sized crowd waiting to cross the road so he did a 1 or 2 second wheelie for us with a horrible faux 'i'm totally relaxed' smug expression.
  10. moose

    moose Born to raise hell. Staff Member Supporter

    Contemplated currying a few years ago but went freelance instead.

    I bought a new mountain bike yesterday:)


    errand boy on wheels
    although i wouldnt' mind being a newsie


    extra extra, everyone gather around and take turns eating out my asshole
  12. Yurn!

    Yurn! New Member

    I could go for some blueflash-road-mash action alright.
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  13. mamul

    mamul New Member

    yeah whats the deal with that, why do most cycle couriers appear to be of the crusty etnicity? surely all that sweating and not washing doesn't mix so well. or maybe it speeds up the dreadlock process. spose the dreads would act as a natural helmet
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  14. Yurn!

    Yurn! New Member

    A real man shaves twice a day.

    I thought this was natures helmet? :eek:
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  15. mamul

    mamul New Member

    i got one last week. rapid buzz. what did ya get for yerself? did ya splash out? i got a kona hahanna. love her to bits
  16. mamul

    mamul New Member

    jaysus, that is well sexy.

  17. Doctor Muscles

    Doctor Muscles Well-Known Member

    Is 'went freelance' code for 'just cycled my bike around'?
  18. moose

    moose Born to raise hell. Staff Member Supporter

    Got a Giant xtc se as it's the best I could afford. Got a good deal on it too so I'm happy.
  19. Osama Van Halen

    Osama Van Halen New Member


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  20. mamul

    mamul New Member

    sweet. i couldnt afford anything of that range. got mine for 450 which is fair enough. well , happy cycling!
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